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10 Brilliant Gift Ideas Sure to Thrill the Ocean Lover in Your Life

Gallery Drinkware collection of glass water bottles

The ocean seems to touch all of our lives in one way or another. Whether you love the sound of the waves crashing against the shore, the feeling of sand between your toes, surfing on a summer morning, watching whales breech on a distant horizon, or simply taking a trip down memory lane in your mind about a special time spent at the beach, the ocean is a magical obsession for so many people.

Those of us who have ocean lovers in our lives (and who are ocean-lovers ourselves!) want to be able to find the most unique, beautiful, and thoughtful sea-centric gifts available today whenever a holiday, birthday, or special occasion arises. So to that end, we’ve come up with a list of our top 10 gift ideas for ocean lovers, all from companies who care as deeply about the sea as you do.

Gallery Drinkware's Wyland bottles featuring Companions of the Sea and Ancient Mariner

1) Gallery Drinkware’s incredibly unique, reusable glass bottles and drinkware: Featuring the licensed art of marine life artists Wyland, Guy Harvey, and Drew Brophy, as well as the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam, the gorgeous ocean and nature imagery on these bottles and drinkware are strikingly beautiful. And not only is the glassware itself eco-friendly, we as a company are deeply passionate about the natural environment, keeping our production process local in Southern California and giving 3% of all sales back to ocean foundations. Check out what we create here.

United By Blue clothing and more

2) United by Blue’s ocean and nautical-themed apparel, backpacks, home décor, and more: From clothing to handbags to mugs, United by Blue has a wide variety of ocean-related items to choose from. And this super cool company cares so much about the health of our country's bodies of water and beaches that for every item that is sold from their website, a pound of trash is cleaned from our nation's waterways through company organized clean-ups. Check out their stuff here.

The World Wildlife Fund works to protect sea turtles like this!

3) World Wildlife Fund’s collection of nature-related gifts: The much-lauded World Wildlife Fund is an organization set up to educate the public about conservation issues and confront these issues head-on through research, funding, and a wide range of sustainability work. The WWF offers a whole collection of gift ideas, from t-shirts to “adopting” a wild animal. Ocean lovers will be thrilled to see you can make selections such as adopting a sea turtle, a great white shark, a dolphin, and more.

Bureo's frisbees are made from recycled fishing nets!

4) Bureo’s “Net Plus” products are created using recycled fishing nets: Bureo is a really interesting company, deeply committed to transforming ocean waste into useable, hip products. They focus primarily on taking recycled fishing nets (which are a huge threat to the marine ecosystem and said to be even more dangerous to sea wildlife than even ocean plastic) and converting them into all sorts of cool items including skate boards, eye wear, Frisbees, games, and more. Check out what they create here.

Bottle Cloth's tablecloths are made from recycled plastic bottles!

5) Bottle Cloth’s sustainably sourced tablecloths, placemats, and napkins: Bottle Cloth, a super innovative company, utilizes plastic bottles in order to create their modern, ultra-chic tablecloths, table runners, placemats, and napkins. Their process actually transforms plastic bottles into extremely durable woven fabric and the end result is these colorful, sustainable cloths. It’s so impressive that they can make these cloths while chipping away at the ocean plastic problem! Check out their items here.

An aquarium membership makes an awesome gift for an ocean lover

6) Give the gift of an aquarium or nature center membership: Another fantastic gift to give to the ocean lover in your life is a year-long membership to a local aquarium, nature center, national park, or similar organization. Essentially, you're giving someone the gift of experience and exploration! Additionally, it's so important and feels so good to support local organizations and it's a guarantee that the money you spend on your membership will go to a good cause.

Green Kid Crafts specializes in eco-friendly arts and crafts

7) Green Kid Crafts eco-friendly children’s art supplies: Although not directly related to the ocean, we love environmentally-aware companies-- less waste means less waste in our seas! Green Kid Crafts has a fun option for that kid in your life who is obsessed with arts and crafts. Although kids' crafts are notoriously NOT eco-friendly, this carbon neutral-certified company, which is also a member of 1% for the Planet, has come up with a cool way to give kids a crafty gift that is educational and mindful of the environment. Check out their eco-friendly arts and crafts here.

4ocean's beautiful bracelet are made from recycled materials!

8) 4ocean’s beautiful bracelets made from recycled materials: The company 4ocean was established by two surfers who are devastated by the amount of ocean waste there is floating in our world’s seas. Not only are their lovely bracelets made from recycled materials, but the sale of every bracelet funds the removal of one pound of trash from oceans and beaches. What an impressive mission! Check out their gorgeous bracelets here.

One Ocean One Love focuses on surf-inspired clothing

9) One Ocean One Love Shop’s surf-inspired clothing: Committed to beach cleanups and utilizing recycled materials whenever possible, One Ocean One Love makes beachy, soft, free-flowing clothing that displays meaningful, eco-minded messages, most of which relate to all things ocean! Check out their collection here.

The Nature Conservancy makes it possible for people to adopt a coral reef

10) The Nature Conservancy’s Adopt a Coral Reef program: The Nature Conservancy is long-known for its mission to conserve both land and water in order to help the natural world thrive. With their diverse staff of scientists, partners throughout the world, and their goal to collaborate instead of confront, they continue to see their mission through, advancing conservation efforts worldwide. An amazing gift for an ocean-lover in your life is their “adopt a coral reef” program, enabling the Nature Conservancy to raise funds for all sorts of different coral reef projects in locales such as Papau New Guinea, the Dominican Republic, and more. Learn all about their program here.

We think our list of gifts for ocean lovers runs the gamut—from things people can wear, items people can use, places people can go, crafts kids can enjoy, and most of all, gifts that the ocean lovers in your life can feel proud to receive.


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