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Find a unique gift at the Sunset Beach Mother's Day Art Festival

This past weekend, Water Gallery set up a booth at the Sunset Beach Mother's Day Art Festival, a wonderful art fair that's been going on in this location over Mother's Day weekend for almost 50 years! We nestled ourselves amongst the various tents, which were selling items ranging from jewelry, soaps, quilts, wind chimes, pottery, clothing, and art of all kinds.

The fair provided fun opportunities for the whole family, such as face painting, arts and crafts booths, caricature drawings, yummy food, and music. People brought their dogs, grandparents brought their grandchildren, teenagers strolled with was definitely an all-ages, family-friendly affair.

Find a unique gift for Mother's Day!

It was particularly exciting to be a part of this event since we felt we could offer patrons a unique Mother's Day gift if that's what they were looking for. Passersby remarked that they had never seen a piece quite like ours, a reusable water bottle with such beautiful, vibrant art showcased through water. We consistently heard "Wow, that's really cool!"; "I've never seen anything quite like that!"; and "Oh, I love Wyland!" as people stopped to check out our bottles.

One young man told us that he had grown up right there in Sunset Beach and had been coming to this festival for many years. He came to the fair on Saturday with the sole purpose of purchasing a Mother's Day gift and was thrilled to purchase two Water Gallery bottles for his mother. He told us that our product really stood out as something new and different, unlike anything he'd seen at this festival before. We are always thrilled to hear comments such as these-- our goal has always been to bring something unique, elegant, and environmentally-friendly to the marketplace, refillable glass bottles that can be both useful and artistic. And it's a very cool feeling for us to stand out amongst so much lovely art at a long-standing festival like this one.

It was a great experience at the Sunset Beach Mother's Day Art Festival. We love that we could provide unique gifts for moms, and eco friendly gifts for anyone who was looking for one. We plan on setting up a booth next year at this festival, as well as subsequent years to come. We hope all those moms who received Water Gallery bottles on Mother's Day enjoy them immensely!


Dec 27, 2016 • Posted by Victoria Binkiewicz

My mom loves fairs like that and we loved these bottles when we saw them on vacation!

Aug 01, 2015 • Posted by Orla

lots of happy mums there I’m sure!

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