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How to make a unique gift more personal with a hand-written card

What happened to the old-fashion hand-written letter, thank-you note, or card? In these technology-heavy, fast-paced times where email and social media are so prevalent and so convenient, the aforementioned things seem to be a lost art. This is not to say technological developments aren't a huge benefit to our society-- the perks that businesses enjoy through clever social media and internet usage, the ways in which people can keep in touch with faraway friends and family over email or various social media forums, the fun of reconnecting with a long-lost childhood friend over Facebook, etc. are invaluable to us now. But in the face of all this fast-moving technology, does anyone put pen to paper anymore? Granted, over the many decades that our natural environment has suffered at the hands of man in order to industrialize at a rapid pace, the last thing we need is more paper in our landfills, more trees cut down, more wasted resources...unfortunately, there is an ecological impact of using paper. But that's not to say that we should completely forgo the personal touch of writing a quick card or note now and then. Sometimes it's that small gesture that reminds someone that you're thinking of them, that you care, that you have something to say that only the effort of handwriting on paper can convey. So yes, be mindful and as eco friendly as you can be. Use already-recycled paper when possible. And reuse or recycle the paper when you're done with it. But think of how you can make a gift more personal with a hand-written message. Along with a unique gift you're sending to a special someone, take a moment to add a hand-written note or card...sometimes just a few simple words jotted down on paper can add that personal touch that makes all the difference in someone's life.


Dec 27, 2016 • Posted by Victoria Binkiewicz

This year instead of a card I gave my dad a book titled “I Love You Dad and Here’s Why” it was awesome!!! It had little prompts like I love spending time with you and making memories like the time… and you got to fill in the rest. It was incredibly personal and he loved it.

Aug 01, 2015 • Posted by Orla

A personal touch always makes the difference.

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