Gallery Drinkware

Water Gallery bottles are not JUST intended to be displayed, but also used for your daily beverage drinking and serving needs

By all means, display your gorgeous Water Gallery glass water bottles as art in your home! We love to see the photos of how you all are showcasing your bottles-- alongside other pieces of Wyland art, in glass curio cabinets, on top of fireplace mantles, illuminated on light bases, behind your in-home bars amongst your other beautiful glass bottles, et cetera. We know that many of you are treasuring them as art pieces (which they are!), especially since they're limited-edition, but remember, they are created to be admired AND utilized. There are also so many cool ways that your Water Gallery bottles can be used! Here are just a few of the many ways...

Having overnight guests? Wow them by filling a Water Gallery bottle with crisp, fresh water, seal the swing-top, and leave it for them on the nightstand in your guest room along with some drinking glasses. Think of how thrilled they'll be to not only be offered fresh drinking water from a reusable water bottle, but also to find such a beautiful piece of functional art in the room where they're sleeping!

Water Gallery Forever Whales reusable water bottle on nighstand.

Throwing a dinner party? Pour your guests water from your gorgeous Water Gallery bottle! It's a conversation piece at the table, a centerpiece that can be admired throughout the meal, and an eco-friendly way to serve your guests a fresh, cool beverage!

Water Gallery bottles at a gorgeous outdoor dining table

Wanting to carry a beautiful and environmentally-friendly glass water bottle throughout the day but nervous to take a glass bottle out of the house? Now you can take it with you easily, with style! Use one of our carrying straps which are made from re-purposed mountain climbing ropes. Not only will your glass water bottle be safe to carry, but you can also show off Wyland's incredible art to anyone you may see! And the extra bonus is that you're helping the environment by saying no to single-use plastic.

There are so many ways to actually use your Water Gallery bottles! They are sturdy and durable, meant to be refilled and resealed over and over again, taken in and out of the fridge with ease, and moved around your home as needed. Don't just let your Water Gallery bottle sit there, use it! Remember, Water Gallery bottles are functional art: art that is meant to be reused, shared, showcased, gifted, collected, poured from, refilled, refrigerated, carried around, held, and cherished in so many ways. Enjoy the versatility of Water Gallery!


Dec 27, 2016 • Posted by Victoria Binkiewicz

I always use mine! I can’t wait to get the light base so I can display it too!!!

Aug 13, 2015 • Posted by Michele

Love the water bottles and would love to win them so I can display them for all my friends to see. Have loved Wayland since I went to his gallery in 2003 in Oahu. Just breathtaking

Aug 11, 2015 • Posted by Karen Eifert

Just how I plan to use them. This is why I wish they were ship iced empty. The shipping cost caused me to cancel my order. Sadly, still waiting to own a set. Would live to display them in dry land Oklahoma!

Aug 11, 2015 • Posted by Janina

I have my bottle displayed as art. But after reading some of the other posts my bottle will be out on the table and used instead of plastic water bottles.

Aug 08, 2015 • Posted by Vicki Hernandez

I would LOVE to add Orca Trio to my collection!!
I was displaying my bottle on the mantle since I purchased it. I just recently chilled the water and drank it. Wow I never knew water could taste so good!

Aug 08, 2015 • Posted by Denise

I can’t wait to own some of these!

Aug 08, 2015 • Posted by Sherry Carter

Love your bottles! I hope to get one to display for my son Wyland!

Aug 08, 2015 • Posted by Joseph McGarry

How much does one of your bottles hold?

Aug 08, 2015 • Posted by Connie

Love your beautiful bottles and Wyland’s art!

Aug 07, 2015 • Posted by Francine

I am so happy with my bottles, I totally recommend getting a led light base to inhance the beauty of the bottles. I love lighting my bottles up at night

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