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Looking for an incredibly unique holiday gift?

Bring the ocean into the home setting with this unique gift! Water Gallery glass water bottles could not be a more perfect gift for the ocean lover or art enthusiast in your life. You must check out these incredible, eco-friendly, reusable swing top glass bottles which feature some of the most vibrant marine life art you've ever seen.

Water Gallery glass water bottles, Sunset Soul Mates, Orca Trio, Forever Whales, Wyland, orcas, whales, ocean, dolphins, waterfall, seascape, ocean art

We know how it is. Every year you are faced with the same issue: how can I find a holiday gift for the special people in my life that they've never seen before? A gift that will bring them immeasurable joy and surprise? A gift that is truly memorable and lasting? A gift that is unique and unlike anything else they'll receive? Search no further: Water Gallery bottles are all of these things!

But what's so special about Water Gallery bottles, you may ask? What makes our bottles truly unique is that the art is NOT on the front of the bottle, but rather baked on a decal on the BACK of each bottle. This gives the art a tremendously eye-catching effect: you view the art THROUGH the water in the bottle, making the art appear to be suspended in the water, like a mini-aquarium. The colors and the dynamic images of the art literally pop off of the bottle, making our bottles far more than simply a water bottle...they are truly functional art.

Water Gallery glass water bottle, Marine Sanctuary, Wyland, dolphins, ocean, ocean art

Water Gallery bottles have many different uses, from being a reusable water bottle that you take in and out of your refrigerator and refill each day; a gorgeous table centerpiece at a dinner party which is both beautiful to look at and a great beverage-serving vessel for guests; a piece of art unto itself that can be displayed in a curio cabinet or alongside the other pieces of art in your home; an exquisite surprise on a bedside table in your guest room that can be used instead of single-use plastic water bottles for overnight guests in your home. The possibilities are endless!

Water Gallery, glass water bottle, Orca Trio, Wyland, orcas, ocean, ocean art

Water Gallery currently features the art of renown marine life artist Wyland. Four of his classic works of art are the focus of our first bottles-- Marine Sanctuary, Sunset Soul Mates, Orca Trio, and Forever Whales. For a guaranteed "wow" from the special people in your life this holiday season, these remarkable Wyland-inspired Water Gallery bottles make the ideal unique gift!

We are also thrilled to announce that we will soon be releasing bottles which will feature the art of the most famous marine wildlife artist in the world, Guy Harvey, and the art of the incomparable surf lifestyle painter, Drew Brophy. Pre-sale for the Guy Harvey and Drew Brophy bottles will commence in November of 2015, with a projected release date of January 15, 2015. More information will be released on all of our social media outlets regarding the Guy Harvey and Drew Brophy bottles in the coming weeks, so stay tuned!

Water Gallery, glass water bottles, Golden Prize, Guy Harvey, dorado, bull dolphin, dolphin, ocean, ocean art, sport fishing

Water Gallery, glass water bottle, Spanish Sailfish, Guy Harvey, sailfish, ocean, ocean art, sport fishing

Water Gallery, glass water bottle, Sunrise, Drew Brophy, surfing, surf lifestyle art, ocean, ocean art

Water Gallery, glass water bottle, Metatron's Cube, Drew Brophy, sacred geometry, sacred geometry art


Dec 27, 2016 • Posted by Victoria Binkiewicz

I really wanted the Orcas but they were all sold out. I got the Shark Reef one instead and my fiance liked it better anyway lol I’m still keeping my eye out for Orcas though in case they come back.

Feb 06, 2016 • Posted by Brittany

The new bottles look amazing!

Oct 14, 2015 • Posted by Connie

I absolutely love my bottle and can’t wait to get another! Thanks for the great tips on how to use my bottle. I look forward to all the new products coming out. Keep up the amazing job you’re doing!

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