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Drew Brophy and Maria Brophy travel to Egypt for artistic and spiritual inspiration

Pyramids of Giza, Egypt

Over the past few weeks, we've been following Drew Brophy and his wife Maria's posts on their social media as they take an epic journey through Egypt. Drew is one of the most innovative and talented living artists today, in our opinion, which is the main reason we've partnered with him for one of our beautiful glass drinkware collections.

He and his wife Maria have a truly remarkable outlook on life and they often write about their experiences, which they post on both their websites and and on their social media. Their trip to Egypt has been captured so articulately and as we read about their experiences and see their incredible photos, we can almost feel their spiritual shift.

From their boat ride on the Nile, sunsets in the Egyptian desert, traffic jams in Cairo, exploration of pyramids and temples, a camel ride, and more, we are almost transported into this fascinatingly foreign world. We were particularly struck by reading Maria's words, which eloquently accompanied each of her Instagram posts. In particular, it was beautiful to read about their experience at the Luxor Temple Complex.

Luxor Temple Complex

Maria writes that she had her most transformative spiritual moment at a chamber in one of the temples, aptly named the Holy of Holies (each temple has one of these chambers), the holiest chamber in each temple where the spiritual ceremonies are held. She writes that you can literally feel the energies in these chambers and each temple's chamber feels slightly different-- some light, some soft, some heavy.

As Maria stood in this one particular Holy of Holies on a beautiful foot rest embedded in the stone floor where for centuries people have stood and prayed, she writes that she actually felt the earth move under her feet and "experienced a brief ability to deeply feel the spirit of each person who came into contact with me." She describes this as both strange and one can only imagine it would be. She wonders how "old stone walls" can have this effect...but indeed they do. What a tremendous description of such a transformative experience, one we hope to have one day.

Another thing that struck us as we read through Drew and Maria's posts was the fact that they were able to behold the original flower of life artwork in person, which was part of what inspired Drew's exquisite sacred geometry work. High up on a column at the Osirion Temple, it was very difficult for Drew and Maria to snap a photo, but the photo that Maria posted on Instagram of Drew gazing up at the flower of life in awe and reverence says it all. Incredibly inspirational. 

Our sacred geometry bottle and matching glasses showcasing Drew's Metatron's Cube

It's truly wonderful to have "experienced" Egypt through Drew and Maria's eyes...we can't think of two more deserving people to have been able to enjoy a journey like this. We are grateful that they've shared it with us all.

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