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Father's Day Essential: Get Dad something he's never seen before!

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Every year, you get Dad the same type of thing for Father's Day-- something kind of, well, cliched. Something that just screams "Dad." And sure, your heart's in the right place and Dad appreciates the gesture. Maybe you pick him up a zany tie. Or his old, weathered wallet needs replacement and you grab him a new money clip. Or a pack of Cuban cigars, if that's his thing. Or maybe even a fancy pen.

But he's seen all of these things a gazillion times before! He practically expects one of these types of things...because it's the type of thing he gets every year. But what if you decided to mix things up for Dad and get him something he's never seen before? Wouldn't that be all the more special, all the more exciting? We at Gallery Drinkware think we've got the perfect idea for your dad's for Father's Day in 2017.

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Wyland Companions of the Sea bottle and dolphin beer mug

Wouldn't Dad be super psyched to get one of these incredibly cool ocean-art themed bottles and beer mug? After all, what dad wouldn't love an ice cold beer in a sturdy glass mug featuring marine life art and a bottle that showcases his favorite sport fish, sea creature, or ocean landscape?

We are confident that he will be absolutely amazed by these supremely unique glass bottles and mugs and that you will have gotten him the gift that he'll truly remember this year. He's got enough ties, pocket knives, and socks...get him something useful that will stand out as the gift you gave him on Father's Day 2017.

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Aug 02, 2017 • Posted by Vicki H

Haha! Yes, I found my dad’s stash of ties hanging in his closet when I was doing Spring cleaning ( still with tags attached)!
I just received my Wyland beer mugs, I think he’ll be getting those for Father’s Day 2018!

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