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Ocean lovers' top five holiday gifts

Looking for a unique gift for the ocean-lover in your life?

When we wrote our original holiday shopping blog post back in September of 2015 about choosing a wonderful gift for that ocean lover in your life, we highlighted companies that focus on the ocean and its wonders in creating their products.

Here we are, more than two years later, poised for another beautiful holiday season and we want to update that list, with similar criteria in mind. We believe the ocean is one of the greatest joys and natural resources on this planet and when buying gifts for loved ones, we really enjoy incorporating the beach and the sea into our choices.

Happy Holidays from Gallery Drinkware!

And it's an added bonus when we are able to support a company that gives back. Making an eco-friendly gift choice makes gift-giving feel extra good! So, without further ado, here's our updated list:

1) One of our favorite online marketplaces is a fantastic store called Uncommon Goods. They feature all sorts of incredibly unique gift and purchase ideas ranging from jewelry, kitchen items, drinkware, and much more. We recently discovered an awesome gift idea on Uncommon Goods for an ocean lover that is beyond unique-- a "bioluminescent aquarium" wherein tiny bioluminescent (meaning light emitting from a living organism) ocean plankton illuminate a glass sphere, swirling throughout the glass and creating a naturally-lit aquarium of ocean creatures in your own home. Talk about a gift that's guaranteed to "wow" the ocean-lover in your life!

2) We would be remiss if we didn't highlight another company that we talked about in our last ocean gift blog post-- United By Blue. This is a company that pledges to remove a pound of trash from the ocean with every product they sell-- pretty amazing and definitely a feel-good purchase. From elegantly simple women's clothing, men's shoes, bags of all sorts, and more, you are promised a simultaneously stylish and environmentally-mindful gift when you choose to purchase from United By Blue.

3) Another company has recently caught our attention because of their commitment to cleaning up ocean plastic. Norton Point was founded in 2015 by two longtime college friends whose goal was to create sustainable sunglasses utilizing ocean plastic and plant-based materials. How cool is that? Plus, they invest 5% of their profits towards the research and education for cleaning up our world's oceans. Their motto is "One Love. One Ocean. One Chance to Make Things Right." We couldn't agree more. And their affordable sunglasses are really cool-looking, we must say!

4) Samudra is a company with an incredible mission: to "blend ecological integrity and personal wellness." We at Gallery Drinkware love this. Owned by two women and based out of San Francisco, Samudra (which means "ocean" in sanskrit) created a skincare line that uses seaweed as its primary ingredient. They use ethically and organically-based ingredients and all of their batches of skin creams are handmade. They never uproot the seaweed they use, only trimming it, so as to maintain the valuable and constant growth of this vital ocean plant. We can't wait to try one of their creams or soaps and we think it would make a great gift for an ocean-lover in our life.

5) And of course we'll take the opportunity to add a shameless plug for our company, Gallery Drinkware, as our final gift suggestion! We license the remarkable art of Wyland, Guy Harvey, and Drew Brophy to design our drinkware. From our gorgeously unique signature bottles to our eye-catching drinkware and even our amazing windchimes (the ultimate in re-purposing), we know you'll find something amazing for that ocean-lover in your life amongst our products. Both useful and artistically beautiful, our bottles and drinkware make the perfect gift. Plus, we give 3% of all sales back to environmental foundations!

Choose from our incredible collection of glass bottles and drinkware for a unique ocean-inspired gift!

Happy holidays, everyone!


Oct 12, 2017 • Posted by Donna Castillo

Im so happy I am part of the newsletter. A smile comes to my face and heart when I see the company name. I love this blog and will spend more time enjoying all the gift ideas (for me). ?
Keep blogging because we do read and it gives us inspiration and hope for our future.
Love always & Happy Shopping for the Holidays

Oct 11, 2017 • Posted by Chris McCorkel

I can’t wait to order the Wyland wind chimes!

Oct 11, 2017 • Posted by Ashley Harris

I’m thinking those restocked Wyland wind chimes will make awesome Christmas gifts for a few people I know!

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