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Give Mom what she truly wants this year for Mother's Day!

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What more could your mom ask for other than the beauty of art and a gorgeous mug to hold her precious morning coffee? It's a win-win, in our opinion. This year for Mother's Day we are offering a super special deal-- buy any one of our incredible Wyland, Guy Harvey, or Drew Brophy bottles and get a FREE Wyland Humpback Dance glass coffee mug! Sure, you can get Mom flowers or candy or a gift card to her favorite restaurant...but are any of those things truly unique or memorable? And do any of those things last beyond a few days? The answer, of course, is no. But our beautifully eye-catching glass bottles and drinkware will be a reminder of your love for Mom throughout the year, not to mention items she can use on a daily basis! Help her bring some art into her kitchen, some joy to the standard rigamarole of her day...and all the while, giving her something that will assist her in being more eco-friendly (glass is the ultimate ocean-saver, especially when it stands in the place of that awful single-use plastic)!

Buy a Gallery Drinkware bottle, get a free Wyland coffee mug!

And so, if you're debating about what to get to get Mom this year, look no further. We have the perfect little bundle for your mom that will give her both her favorite ocean art and a useful, high-quality bottle and mug from which she can pour crisp, chilled water as well as enjoy her steaming hot coffee. You'll undoubtedly give Mom her most memorable gift this Mother's Day...but don't wait, this offer expires Monday, May 8th!


Aug 02, 2017 • Posted by Vicki H

Hey kids! Did you hear that? Get your mom a Wyland coffee mug!! Lol!!
I really do love all the Wyland coffee mugs!! I have my fingers crossed for a nice Christmas gift! Hint,hint kids :)

May 26, 2017 • Posted by Lea

I so wish I had gotten one of these mugs for Mother’s Day ?

May 25, 2017 • Posted by Bridget Neal

These are so much prettier than so many of the metal or plastic options out there. Might as well get a piece of art if you need a bottle.

May 25, 2017 • Posted by Desarae Espinoza

i wish my husband saw this :( that mug is beautiful.

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