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The many ways and reasons to enjoy beautiful Water Gallery glass drinkware

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Glass drinkware is particularly beautiful, in our humble Water Gallery opinion, but beyond its beauty is how great glass is for the natural environment. How good does it feel to use drinking vessels that are not only eye-catching and elegant, but also eco-friendly? Adorned with gorgeous ocean imagery, sturdy and strong to the touch, and sustainable...what's not to love? We are so proud to pontificate on all the wonderful ways and moments to use our glass drinkware: great to use while entertaining a crowd or sitting in the backyard having a peaceful moment by yourself, all the while protecting Mother Earth!

Picture this: it's late afternoon. You've just come home from work and you're desperate to take a load off. It's a lovely day and you're just itching to relax with a cold beer or a glass of crisp spring water. For a moment of quiet contemplation, bring your gorgeous Water Gallery glass beer mug, water glass, or pint glass outside with you where you can both enjoy the sunset as well as the beauty of the incredible marine life that make these glasses so special.

Water Gallery glass drinkware beer mug and water glass

Water Gallery glass drinkware pint glass

Or how about those early mornings that call for a piping hot cup of freshly brewed coffee or tea? These glass coffee mugs can be safely filled with the hottest beverages while also showcasing the beautiful whales of Wyland's classic Humpback Dance. If it's a weekend, take your coffee outside and enjoy the morning sun! We can't think of a more calming way to start your day.

Water Gallery glass drinkware coffee mug

Water Gallery glass drinkware coffee mug and water glass

With the holidays approaching, think of all the festive ways your Water Gallery glass drinkware can be used! We decided to get into the Christmas spirit a bit early by having a little hot cocoa bar in the comfort of our own home. We grabbed our glass coffee mugs, which are also ideal for hot cocoa, a smattering of delicious toppings such as festive green and red sprinkles, candy canes, Christmas tree-shaped marshmallow Peeps, whipped cream, "Snowcap" chocolate morsels, chocolate syrup, gingerbread cookies, and voila! Our hot cocoa bar was the ultimate Christmas dessert (albeit, a little early-- who can wait for fun like this?). Not only were we able to enjoy the deliciousness of all these yummy treats, but we we loved looking at Wyland's Humpback Dance on our incredible sustainable glass mugs all the while!

Hot cocoa bar

Water Gallery glass drinkware coffee mugs filled with hot cocoa

There are so many ways and so many compelling reasons to use glass drinkware. It's so much more beautiful than anything that's single-use and it's the most elegant of all of the different forms of drinkware, in our opinion. When you add incredible ocean imagery to beer mugs, coffee mugs, pint glasses, and water glasses, it becomes all the more eye-catching and unique. And to be able to get lost in the beauty of the ocean while simply doing what you would be doing every day anyway (having your morning coffee, relaxing with a beer in the backyard, sipping on a glass of water, perhaps even hosting a party), life is just all the more sweet. Plus, keeping the natural environment in mind to boot? We can't think of anything better this holiday season, and always. 


Dec 27, 2016 • Posted by Kathy Railsback

I got the water bottle, light stand and a glass for my son for Christmas but I enjoyed it a little first. How beautiful and calming to look at! I can always depend on the Wyland galleries for unique gifts for my family. Even on vacation I manage to find a Wyland Gallery!

Dec 27, 2016 • Posted by Victoria Binkiewicz

How is it that drinks taste better in beautiful drink ware??? I love our water bottle but I want to get a few more! They’re so beautiful and I LOVE the artwork!

Dec 26, 2016 • Posted by Teri

Love the mugs! I need to get those next! I got a set of Wyland pint glass for Christmas 8 of each design, but haven’t gotten the Water is Life design yet! I have been a fan of Wyland’s Art for almost 30 years. What an awesome way to enjoy the beauty of his work!

Dec 26, 2016 • Posted by Lisa kahanek porter

Love the hot chocolate bar idea!!! I’ll have to try this one!!! I have turned my coworkers and family onto hot tea……..(some still prefer coffee, lol). I’ll brew a different flavor of hot tea each day, and we have a nice time-out while we sip our tea and reflect on things. Total stress reliever!! I have also turned friends/family onto wyland walls and wyland traditions. Love his art and environmental friendly messages, love to share! Now, when they see a wyland, they think of me. Daughter just got back from honeymoon on Hawaii, visited a wyland gallery, and thought of me b/c she had geardcall about wyland growing up, then to have the experience on her own. Love!!!!

Dec 25, 2016 • Posted by karen jones

Fun ideas. It looks beautiful anywhere!

Dec 23, 2016 • Posted by kimberly mcginnis

Everything looks great in your beautiful ocean themed glassware! I want all of them. Just keep swimming!!

Dec 23, 2016 • Posted by Vicki Hernandez

I love my Wyland pint glass!! I do not let anyone else use it!! After it’s cleaned and dried, I store it in my room!! Lol!! I would love to get a Wyland mug someday!

Dec 23, 2016 • Posted by Kasee Johnson

I love your topping ideas! But it wouldn’t matter if I was being offered dirt in a cup, all of my attention would be on the Wyland artwork.

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