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Seven Flint families file law suit against Michigan's governor

Michigan's Governor Rick Snyder is in hot water...pun intended.

Flint families are taking action and filing a class action law suit against the governor, as well as several other government officials named in the suit. Although this is not the first law suit, it's the most recent and the seven families filing the suit claim that Snyder and his fellow officials knew Flint's tap water was unsafe to drink, yet allowed it to flow into Flint homes for over a year before taking action. The law suit claims that the children of the affected families are suffering developmental disabilities as a direct result of the lead and other toxins in the poisonous Flint tap water. Mentioned in the law suit is the Safe Drinking Water Act, which requires all United States drinking water to live up to established safety guidelines outlined in the wording of the law.

Flint, Michigan's drinking water contains high levels of lead

Just this past week, both Democratic presidential candidates Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton have condemned Snyder for his actions (or lack thereof). The news out of Flint continues to shock and devastate the United States as a whole. How can any of us feel safe if children in our very own country are being poisoned by the water they drink?

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Mar 18, 2016 • Posted by Steve Kuhn

To bad your don’t send water in your bottles anymore Flint Michigan sure could use some.

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