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Water Gallery's journey into drinkware has begun

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As Water Gallery expands into drinkware, we are proud to release our first pint glasses!

Drew Brophy's Sunrise painting on a pint glass

You've seen art on a glass water bottle, but have you seen art on a pint glass like this before? Once you have one of these beautifully unique pint glasses in your hand, you'll notice how the art literally wraps around the glass and tells a story. This piece of iconic surf art, Drew Brophy's Sunrise, brings the beauty of the beach, a rising sun, and a surfer's love of the ocean to a pint glass in an incredibly vibrant way.

Yes, Water Gallery's bottles are one of a kind, but we aren't stopping there. We are not a one-trick pony. We are going to keep pushing the limits of where glass decorating and reusable drinkware can go. Keeping eco-friendly practices and artistic originality in mind with everything we do, we are on a journey to change the way people interact with art on a daily basis.

Drew Brophy Metatron's Cube glass bottle with accompanying drinkware

We enjoy hearing people react to art. Some say things like, "I just love to look at it, it makes me happy." Others say, "When I spend time with my favorite pieces of art, I'm transported to another place." And even some others say, "The art I keep in my home is a reflection of who I am as an individual." We at Water Gallery agree with each of these sentiments and reactions to art...we don't only agree with these statements, we live them. And we want to help bring art into people's lives in a new way. We want art to transform people's casual, everyday experiences and moments. As you are having your dinner, our bottles and drinkware bring something new and dynamic to what is often a commonplace daily occurrence. Or as you are prepping your food for the week, your artistic drinkware can sit with you in the kitchen, both as a functional drinking vessel and a piece of art. Or simply hanging out on your patio, having your Water Gallery bottles and drinkware can enhance the mood and make you happier even if just for a moment.

So come with us on our journey. We are just getting started. In the coming months, you'll see more drinkware of various sizes, functions, and types of art. Next up is a sacred geometry tumbler (water glass) that we are confident is going to be unlike anything you've seen before. Remember, everything we do is limited edition, so once these special pieces are gone, there won't be any more.


Mar 21, 2016 • Posted by Cindy semonick

Didn’t ad in my #17 in my last post! Anyway blue sky’s ahead !

Mar 21, 2016 • Posted by

Blue sky’s and sunsets spreading my wings for a new career ! Surfboards and sand I hope I see !

Mar 21, 2016 • Posted by Cindy semonick

Cheerful! Beautiful! Fun !! #17

Mar 21, 2016 • Posted by Shannon Giordano

Absolutely Beautiful ❤???

Mar 21, 2016 • Posted by Cindy semonick

Spring break in Florida ! Love the artwork ! We are going paddle boarding all week!!

Mar 19, 2016 • Posted by Nancy Loring

I am glad that yiu are expanding into drinkware. The pint glasses are beautiful. It is beautiful useable art.

Mar 18, 2016 • Posted by Adam B.

I think that the idea of getting art more significantly included in everyone’s life’s is a great idea and everyone can use a little creative influence once in a while. May the world soon be full of vibrance and wonder as people gaze into the unending world of creativity! Btw I can’t wait to see more sacred geometry! #17

Mar 18, 2016 • Posted by Sharron Bourget

I forgot to add #17 to my comment…I hope it is not to late to do so Drew…

Mar 18, 2016 • Posted by Sharron Bourget

I just commented on Drew’s magnificent art pieces but I failed to add the number you requested I enter. So here goes the number and hoping I am chosen to be the winner … #17

Mar 18, 2016 • Posted by Sharron Bourget

Your work is magnificent…beautiful and colorful and the added cross makes it something I would love to collect. I hope and pray that I am cosen as the winner <

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