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Eco-fact Friday: Biodegradable Water Bottles

So by now you surely know Water Gallery's stance on plastic water bottles-- they're terrible. They take around 1,000 years to decompose and we Americans consume about 50 billion a year. We are on the road to environmental ruin and this extreme overuse of single-use plastic has got to stop!

We are trying to make reuse a more stylish, artistic, and aesthetically-pleasing option through our Water Gallery glass water bottles featuring iconic art and we admire other folks who are also bringing more environmentally-friendly drinking vessels to the marketplace, as well. A recent story caught our eye and we are amazed by what an Icelandic inventor has created-- a water bottle made of algae!

Technically it's made of a material called "algal," which is a derivative of algae. It's 100% biodegradable and 100% natural. This material keeps its shape until the water bottle is empty and then it begins to decompose. Obviously its reusability is limited (we are proud that our glass water bottles will last for years), but this concept is pretty ingenius.

Let's hope that concepts like this are the wave of the future. It's time to get rid of single-use plastic completely. It does nothing but destroy our natural environment.

biodegradable water bottle made out of algae

As always, reduce, reuse, recycle, and conserve. Small, everyday changes can make a huge difference.

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