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The new Tesla Model 3 was unveiled last week...

Tesla is bringing its incredible brand of electric cars to the masses: its upcoming Model 3 has a $35,000 price point, which will make these amazing automobiles available to a lot more people than the other models. As Tesla enthusiasts (and new owners of a Model S!), we at Water Gallery are thrilled to hear that more folks will be able to own a Tesla, arguably the most ground-breaking and exciting vehicle to hit the market in decades, if not ever. More than 115,000 of the upcoming Model 3, which will have a battery range of at least 215 miles on a single charge, had already been reserved before the vehicle was even unveiled, and with the unveiling this past week, orders have now surged past 200,000.

Tesla Model 3

Tesla revealed this sleek new five-seater to a crowd of thrilled Tesla fans in Los Angeles. Tesla creator Elon Musk said that this is "the final step in the master plan, which is a mass market, affordable car," finally coming to fruition after years of lower-volume production of their Roadster, the Model S sedan, and the Model X crossover SUV. Musk continues, "[This] was only possible after going through the prior steps." Expansion into mass production has been dependent upon lithium ion battery production ability at Tesla's Nevada Gigafactory, which opened in 2014, and once it's at full capacity, the factory will produce more batteries than all other factories in the world combined. We can't wait to see the Model 3 on the road in 2017!

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