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Eco-fact Friday: San Francisco is at the Forefront of Environmental Change

San Francisco is such an admirably eco-minded city. First, they banned the sale of all plastic water bottles on city property, and now they're requiring that solar panels be installed on all new city buildings. All major American cities should take note: San Francisco is paving the way to real environmental change and we at Water Gallery couldn't have more respect for that.

Just this week, the San Francisco Board of Supervisors passed legislation unanimously that mandates that all buildings under 10 floors in height install solar water heaters or solar panels on the roofs of both new residential and commercial construction.

Since San Fran is a notoriously foggy city, all new construction under 10 floors must be strategically built in a way that the sunlight the city so craves is accessible-- in other words, not in the shade. Supervisor Scott Weiner, who led the way to passing this new legislation, aptly states: "Activating underutilized roof space is a smart and efficient way to promote the use of solar energy and improve our environment." The new rules will go into effect after January 1, 2017.

Well done, San Francisco. Hopefully more American cities will follow suit in the coming months and years. It's not about what we WANT for our environment these days, it's truly about what we NEED: change.

Solar panel mandate in San Francisco goes into effect in 2017

As always, reduce, reuse, recycle, and conserve. Small, everyday changes can make a huge difference. 

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