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Water Gallery's Florida Adventure Series: Islamorada Days

Gorgeous Islamorada Florida Keys sunset
It doesn't get much more beautiful than an Islamorada sunset, does it? A gorgeous sunset welcomed us into incredible Islamorada, the sport fishing capital of the world! We were particularly excited to go to Islamorada, where we know two of our artists, Guy Harvey and Wyland, are so beloved. Known for its diving, snorkeling, omnipresent marine life vibe, and overall hipness, Islamorada is a Water Gallery haven.
Islamorada sunset
While we didn't have the time to enjoy the quintessential Islamorada activities, such as feeding the tarpin, seeing a show at Theater of the Sea (a park with a menagerie of sea creatures that has been around for decades), or getting out on the water to snorkel with turtles or battle with marlins, we did enjoy the ambiance of the wonderful food, the friendly people, and the active and hip shopping scene. Afterall, that's exactly what we were there for.
It was a truly invigorating stretch of our trip, our time in Islamorada, talking to shop owners and asking questions about the retail world of the island, chatting with locals who are so passionately proud of their beautiful home, and exploring options for Water Gallery. The cornerstone of the our Islamorada visit and our Florida trip overall was Island Fest at Founder's Park. This annual event draws thousands of people for fantastic live music, delicious food, a classic car show, over a hundred artisan booths, sandcastle building, and even a homemade boat race.

We made some great friends and contacts over the two-day festival and the locals were so helpful, giving us insight into where could sell our bottles and connecting us with friends who own stores. It really was a networker's dream. Even though one of us was battling shellfish-induced hives for a few days, even that didn't rain on our Islamorada parade.

We must mention that we did squeeze in a little bit of leisure time, spending an afternoon tasting all the cool beers at Islamorada Beer Company. The Islamorada vibe was so apparent here, locals mingling with tourists in the most welcoming way. All of the workers were Drew Brophy fans, so we brought in one of our Sunrise bottles. One customer happens to give yoga lessons on paddle boards and she bought a case of Drew Brophy bottles on the spot!The Rain Barrel's famous giant lobster

We couldn't miss out on stopping by the Rain Barrel, an eclectic village of artistic shops encompassing the Islamorada shopping scene. There are meandering paths, snack bars, outside tables...very cool. It's known for this giant lobster, which greets you in a whimsical way when you arrive. We opted to park in the back so as not to risk hitting any of the dozens of tourists taking pictures with this huge dude!

One of our favorite retail spots was Ocean Gardens, a beautiful upscale nautical boutique in the heart of Islamorada. We are proud to say they will be carrying Water Gallery bottles-- they saw the uniqueness of our bottles and we're honored that they feel we are a good fit. 

We truly believe that Islamorada is going to be the crux in assisting us with our thoughtful transition into the Florida retail market, a great start to Water Gallery's journey into Florida. We absolutely loved our time in Islamorada and can't wait to go back.


May 08, 2016 • Posted by Kathy oden

Looks like a wonderful place to visit/sightsee. Not into fishing though.

May 08, 2016 • Posted by Jessica

The sand sculpture is very cool always wished I could be that talented to do such amazing sand work.

May 05, 2016 • Posted by Bets Bloom

My husband and I stayed on Islamorada for a couple days a couple years ago. What a beautiful place! We managed to catch their monthly art walk, and visited many of the local artists there. There was so much to do, and we are looking forward to going back in the near future. Theater of the Sea is worth a trip back. I loved being able to pet a dolphin.

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