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Water Gallery's beautiful new festival display!

Water Gallery's beautiful new festival display!

This month, at the annual Sunset Beach Mother's Day Art Fair, we debuted our gorgeous new Water Gallery outdoor festival display. We are committed to grassroots marketing, which includes getting out in front of people at festivals and fairs. Keeping in mind our boutique philosophy, our hand-made nature, our desire to interact with people and show them our glass water bottles and drinkware in person, festivals are of the utmost importance to us.

As a primarily e-commerce business, we had originally set out to do the majority of our sales online, but as time has gone by, we've realized more and more how valuable and exciting it is for us as a growing company to get in front of people face-to-face.

And so with that in mind, we've decided to step up our "festival game," so to speak. We designed the beautiful new festival display pictured below in order to draw people in and illustrate our association with such amazing artists in a really dynamic way. We know how much our artists' fans admire them and gravitate towards them, so leading with our "artist foot forward" at festivals is truly compelling.

Immediately a person's eye is drawn not only to our beautiful Water Gallery bottles, but also to the vibrant and vivid blues, yellows, and greens of our festival display itself. Perhaps even more valuable than the eye-catching colors are the iconic signatures of our artists, each of whom has such a distinctive way of signing their names and putting their individual "stamp" on everything they do.

Our beautiful festival display

We love our new display and we hope all of our festival visitors and customers do, as well. Being able to talk to you all and interact in person is one of the greatest pleasures for us as company owners, so if our new eye-catching display draws more of you to us, then we are doing something right!

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Dec 27, 2016 • Posted by Victoria Binkiewicz

I want to see one of these some day!!!

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