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*What is Gallery Drinkware?

We are an environmentally-responsible, Southern California-based company whose goal is to create elegant, artistic, reusable glass bottles and drinkware which can be collected, displayed, reused in multiple ways, and enjoyed over and over again. Our inaugural artist was the much-lauded marine artist Wyland, whose vibrant and dynamic images lend themselves perfectly to our glass bottles and drinkware. As our company has continued to grow and expand, we are now official licensees of the art of the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam, Wyland, Guy Harvey, and Drew Brophy. We use this iconic art in order to develop and design glass bottles and drinkware unlike anything else that's out there.

*Are you the artist?

We are not Wyland, Guy Harvey, Drew Brophy, or (of course) Van Gogh. We are our own company, Gallery Drinkware, and we're official licensees of these artists' amazing art. It has always been our mission to use this remarkable art on a completely different medium than has been done before and to showcase the art in remarkably unique ways on glass bottles and drinkware. Combining our distinct design vision with these classic pieces of art, we create beautiful glassware which are at once eye-catching, functional, and eco-friendly.

*What are Gallery Drinkware's primary goals and philosophies?

Gallery Drinkware is a small company, boutique in nature, with no desire to ever be mass-produced. We have been growing organically and methodically from our inception in 2012 (with an official launch in January of 2015). We care deeply about the natural environment and are proud to be bringing reusable drinking vessels that are both beautiful and functional to the market. We try to keep our production as local as possible so as to reduce our carbon footprint, decorating our bottles and drinkware locally in Southern California or in North Carolina.

We want our customer base to grow organically with us and play a role in the development of our products. We like to post our prototypes for our customers to see and weigh in with opinions and suggestions. We believe in full transparency each step of the way. And because we are a small company whose products are art piece that are manually crafted, there are moments of unpredictability. For example, our Second Edition Wyland glass water bottle images were due to be released in April of 2015, but we came across some speed bumps in the production process relating to the text of one on of the labels and the size of the front frame and lettering. Quality and customer service are our primary objectives, so we immediately informed our customers about the production issues we were having. Production of our Second Edition Wyland images was delayed by a month and a half and, to our delight, our customers expressed only support and understanding regarding these issues. We feel so appreciative of our consistently loyal and growing customer base.

*Where is the art on the bottle?

One of the most frequently asked questions when people view our bottles is, "Wait, where exactly is the art on the bottle?" What makes our bottles unique is that the art is not on the front of the bottle, where many assume it would be. The art is actually on the inside of the bottle's back decal. In other words, when you look through the 22-k gold frame on the front of each bottle, you are looking at the art through the water contained in the bottle. Viewing the art through the glass bottle and through the water enhances the vibrance and color of the piece in a way that makes the art all the more dynamic and three-dimensional, almost as if it's suspended in the water!

*How are the bottles created?

We are proud to say our bottles are decorated in America and that they are not mass-produced. Our production process is very hands-on and intricate and each bottle is created with great care. Click here to read all about our comprehensive production process.

*Do I use my bottle or display it?

Both! There are multiple uses for our bottles. You can display your bottles as pieces of art unto themselves, such as artistic centerpieces on dining tables; as part of an artistic collection on your fireplace mantle; among your other eye-catching kitchen essentials on the counter; as a colorful art piece on your bedroom nightstand; next to your original paintings and sculptures as part of your larger art collection; as part of your collection in your curio cabinet. You can use them as serving vessels for any light-colored beverage you prefer-- the most obvious is water, of course, but you can also fill your bottle with white wine, vodka, gin, or any other liquid through which the artwork can be viewed. Remember, these gorgeous bottles are meant to be reused over and over again and they can be alternated as both showpieces and functional pieces. Use it Saturday night to pour water for guests at your dinner party and then seal the swing top after washing it and put it on your mantle as art for the rest of the week! Then repeat. 

*Where can I buy Gallery Drinkware?

Currently, our bottles and drinkware are offered on our website at and at the Wyland Gallery in Laguna Beach, CA. We also have several retail partners in Southern California and South Florida. Contact us for specific locations.

And click here for our monthly festival schedule where you can buy all of our items if you're in town.

*Do the bottles and drinkware ever go on sale?

We periodically offer discounts and giveaways via social media and our newsletter list via email. Make sure you are following us on your preferred social media sites and enter your email address into our newsletter list on our website. We have very dynamic Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest pages!

*What is Gallery Drinkware's return policy?

We offer a 30-day simple and fair return policy. If your bottle or glass drinkware is in any way damaged during shipping or if you simply change your mind, we will refund your bottle purchase price in full (minus shipping unless your item is damaged). Read more about our return policy here.

*Does Gallery Drinkware give anything back?

Three percent of our sales of Wyland bottles and drinkware goes to the Wyland Foundation. Three percent of our sales of Guy Harvey bottles and drinkware goes to the Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation. Three percent of our sales of Drew Brophy bottles and drinkware goes to Three percent of our sales of Van Gogh Museum bottles and drinkware go to art education at the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam. We are also a member of the amazing organization 1% For the Planet, so an additional 1% of our proceeds goes to environmentally-minded non-profits. Learn about 1% For the Planet here.

 *How can I get involved?

There are a few fantastic ways to be a part of the Gallery Drinkware team! Are you a social media savant? Do you want to help Gallery Drinkware grow? Click on the Brand Ambassador and Fundraising tab here to learn more.



Jan 08, 2017 • Posted by Vivian Golden

The bottles are beautiful! How many ounces does the bottle holder? If the art is on the back label; wont that peel over time? Also how does the top come off? I will be using mine for hiking so it will get a lot of use. Thank you for your time and have a great day!

Aug 01, 2015 • Posted by Orla

Filling the bottle with white wine, I like that idea!

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