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Fundraising With Gallery Drinkware's Affiliate Program

Are you a non-profit organization or an individual looking to earn some money while helping to promote an eco-friendly, aesthetically-pleasing product? Gallery Drinkware's Affiliate Program is the perfect opportunity to do so. Through our program, you make money for your own company/yourself and also help us publicize our product!

Here's how it works: you register with Refersion, create a custom link to our website, and you post it to your social media feeds/website, share it with friends and family via email, etc. Gallery Drinkware keeps track of all orders AND reorders that originate from your link and voila, you earn 10% of those orders via PayPal each month. It's such an easy way to earn money for yourself/your organization while also helping us to promote our artistic, reusable glass water bottles! And as a special offer, if you get five orders via your link within a 30-day period, we'll send you a free bottle!

Click the "Fundraising" link under the "Giving Back" tab on the home page of our website to get started. We can't wait to hear from you!


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