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What's so special about a swing top bottle?

Drew Brophy Sunrise bottle with swing-top open and green grass in the background

First of all, what is a swing top bottle? A swing top bottle is a bottle that can be re-sealed over and over again without needing a bottle opener. The swing top itself is an O-shaped rubber ring affixed to a plastic or porcelain stopper. The stopper can be opened and closed with a metal wire bail mechanism that is easy to flip up and down manually. Before the swing top was invented, glass bottles were typically sealed with a cork, which are notoriously difficult to open by hand or re-seal with assurance that the contents of the bottle are food-safe.

Swing top bottle featuring Drew Brophy's Sunrise painting

Sometimes called a "flip top," the swing top bottle closure was invented in the United States by a man named Charles de Quillfeldt in 1847. Often used for carbonated beverages like mineral water and beer, the swing top bottle has grown in popularity over the years. Home-brew beer enthusiasts, inspired by the iconic beer brand Grolsch, swear by swing top bottles, as it keeps beer in its most fresh and crisp condition. We are very excited to use a swing top bottle for our Water Gallery product not only because of the ability to re-seal it and because it's got a nice aesthetic to it, but also because it provides an eco-friendly drinking vessel for our customers, allowing people to reuse our glass water bottles time and time again over an extended period of time.

Many people enjoy ordering a glass bottled water at a restaurant to share at a meal, but the majority of these bottles either end up in the recycle bin or the trash after just one use. What a swing top glass bottle offers to the user is the ability to reuse and re-seal the bottle multiple times. Not only is this an environmentally-friendly option, but also this allows people to use their bottles for many different beverages, in many different settings.

For example, once you open your Water Gallery swing top glass bottle for the first time, refill it with fresh water, seal the swing top, and stick it in the fridge for the ability to keep the water contents pristine and cool for your next use. Or take advantage of the hermetic food-safe seal that the swing top bottle provides to fill your Water Gallery bottle with a special olive oil, light-colored vinegar, or beverage of your choice, such as white wine or various liqueurs.

These bottles can be re-sealed after each use, hand-washed over and over again, and reused as many times as one chooses. Swing top bottles are infinitely useful for storing various beverages, displaying whatever you wish to keep inside of the bottle, and preserving home-made oil or other liquid specialties.


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