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Experience the exquisite beauty of art enhanced by water

Water Gallery bottles, glass water bottle, reusable glass bottle, Marine Sanctuary, Wyland

Viewing art through water is a unique experience and not a common way to view art, which is one of the reasons our bottles are so special. At Water Gallery, it took us almost 2 years to perfect the art on our bottles so that the water wouldn't have a distorting affect on the art. After all of that time, we finally reached our beautiful finished product-- art viewed through water on a premium glass bottle with complete reverence for the art's accuracy and beauty. Even though it's very hard to explain with words alone (the only way to truly do these bottles justice is to hold one in your hand), the art is NOT on the front of the bottle, but rather on a decal which is baked onto the back of each of our bottles. The front of the decal displays the art work; the back of the decal displays the text which describes the art. The art is then viewed through the liquid gold frame on the front of the bottle, all the way through to the back of the bottle, and hence the art is seen by looking through the liquid contents of the bottle. After the 2 years it took to perfect the art decal, making it true to each Wyland original, it was then time to put water in our bottles and see the effect of the liquid on the art. The result? Similar to a 3-D effect! The water gives the art a deeper dimension that allows it to glow and seem to practically move, like peering into a mini-aquarium. The water also illuminates the colors of the art in the most vibrant way, making it seem to almost pop off the glass. Viewing art through water lends a new level of contour and complexity to the art that we think is simply breathtaking. And given the fact that these bottles are actually reusable water bottles, or functional art, the value of these beautiful pieces is many-fold; not only are the bottles unique and beautiful to behold, but they are also useful and eco-friendly.

Water Gallery bottle, reusable glass bottle, Marine Sanctuary, Wyland

After seeing the effect of the water on the art, we then did some experimenting with the bottles. For example, we put bouquets of flowers inside and observed how objects immersed in the water actually intensify the color and beauty of the art even further. Look at how the stems float in the water in front of the art, emphasizing the multi-dimensional quality of the art through the water. We even put our betta fish Bubbles in the bottle to showcase how the water and the art interact with one another in an almost layering effect. This was extremely exciting for us because our fish actually turned our bottle into a mini art-aquarium!

Water Gallery bottle, reusable glass bottle, glass water bottle, Marine Sanctuary, Wyland, light base

And of course, using a light base to further illuminate the art and the water inside the bottle makes the art seem to practically hover in front of the bottle and come to life. The effect is truly stunning. We hope you are enjoying the experience of viewing art through water as much as we are. Please share with us the many different ways you're showcasing your Water Gallery bottles!

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Aug 08, 2015 • Posted by Sherry Carter

I love all of them but esp love the lighted base!

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