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Check out Water Gallery's no-fuss return policy!

We know how it're really excited about a product, you've been thinking about it for weeks, you finally muster up the time and energy to place your order, you receive it in the mail, and suddenly you're struck with buyer's remorse. It happens.

Maybe the product isn't exactly what you'd hoped for, maybe it's not exactly how it looked on the website, maybe you decided you don't want to spend the money at that moment, maybe you just changed your mind. Have no fear-- with Water Gallery, you don't have to agonize over a complicated and restrictive return policy. We want you as a customer to feel comfortable and safe when ordering our bottles, knowing that if your order isn't exactly what you'd hoped for or if it just isn't the right time for this purchase, you can return it without any hassle or questions asked. Simply request a return from us within 30 days and your money will be fully refunded, minus your shipping costs, once we receive your returned bottles.

Take note: most of our orders are for four or six bottles with people buying them as gifts for family and friends. The recipients of the gifts are covered by this worry-free return policy, as well! And if for any reason the bottles arrive damaged in any way, simply send us a photo of the damaged bottle(s) and we will replace them, no questions asked.

Scratched glass can occasionally happen

Of course we hope that you love our reusable water bottles and the Wyland art that adorns them. We hope that you see them as a value to you in your home as an art piece, a beverage-serving vessel, and a liquid-storing vessel as well as a unique gift or an eco friendly gift for someone in your life. We have confidence that once you hold these elegant bottles in your hands, you can't imagine being able to part with them. But once again, we understand that things come up in life that cause us to need to return items now and then. And for that, we guarantee you a full refund, without question.

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