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How to support fellow Americans on Memorial Day

Memorial Day is a day set aside for us to spend some time thinking about and remembering those we've lost in military service. It's a solemn occasion and one that deserves great respect and consideration. However, despite its intent to be a day of remembrance, for many over the years it's turned into a day when family and friends get together to spend leisure and relaxation time, typically for a barbecue or a day at the pool.

Although perhaps Memorial Day is a day that's lost its meaning a bit, it's still a day where we should all take a moment to reflect-- on our individual lives, on what and whom we care about, on what we value, and what society should value as a whole. Memorial Day is truly about America-- there are few things more American than patriotism and the fight for freedom.

And one way that we as Americans can reflect on our lives and our society's values is to take stock of whether we support American products and businesses. Do you make a special effort to buy products that are made the USA, to support companies that employ American people, to purchase items from companies that share your values? Just some food for thought...think of our great country when making decisions that affect our fellow citizens. Happy Memorial Day, everyone.

Happy Memorial Day!

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