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Water Gallery's glass water bottles at the L.A. Wine Festival...sold a few, "lost" a few

Listen, not every event is a perfect fit for every product. This was our first time trying out a wine festival. We loved the energy at this event and people were certainly enjoying themselves-- the delicious food, the social aspect of the festival, the libations...but unfortunately Water Gallery was a little bit of a "casualty" of people's fun.

Three of our precious bottles were actually stolen. And there were definitely some stumblers towards the end of the afternoon...we wanted to jump in front of our beautiful glass water bottles to make sure they didn't get knocked over! But we did get a ton of great feedback and some purchases-- we hope we found some new Water Gallery fans throughout the weekend who will seek us out on social media and become regular customers, especially those who are always looking for a unique gift for a friend, family member, or colleague.

We love meeting new people and getting our bottles in people's hands-- there's nothing we can convey on the computer that can have the same effect as seeing it in person.

Water Gallery's festival display


All in all, after this weekend we now know in our hearts now that wine festivals just aren't our "cup of tea," so to speak. Heavy drinking and glass water bottle shopping aren't necessarily the best combo. But every experience is exciting for us-- we always learn something new and connect with new people, which are two very valuable things for an emerging business.


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