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Without any further ado, we introduce our beautiful new glass water bottle images, Orca Trio and Forever Whales!

Behold, our second edition Water Gallery bottles! Look at the ways in which the exquisite Wyland paintings Orca Trio and Forever Whales appear to pop off of the glass. We are so proud of the way these bottles have come out and we just know you're going to love them.
These reusable water bottles are just as beautiful, vibrant, and environmentally-responsible as our first glass water bottles. Whether as a unique gift for a loved one, a centerpiece at your dining table, a piece of art along with your larger home collection, or a vessel to pour your guests the beverage of their choice, you must order one of these beauties while they last!
Introducing Orca Trio and Forever Whales!
We know you've been waiting too long, Water Gallery fans...and we are so sorry about this bump in the road we encountered. We promise not to allow a gap in production to occur like this ever again. We take full responsibility for the time it took to finally get these bottles out and it was because we tried to make some changes to the prototypes.
We had done a survey on Facebook asking people whether they'd like us to try a few things out with these new bottles and we got a strong positive response for the following changes: make the gold frame on the front bigger so that the art becomes even more visible, make the lettering on the front smaller so the frame is more of the star of the show, and try out a different color (in this case, a brilliant blue) on the back decal where the text is written.
We listened to our fans and agreed with these suggestions...and although they sounded fantastic in theory and looked amazing on a screen, unfortunately they just didn't come together logistically or visibly when the actual prototypes were made. As we explained to our customers on Facebook after looking at the new prototypes with these changes, here were the issues that came up: firstly, the larger frame didn't actually make the art more visible, but rather exposed a blank gap underneath the art decal that was unnecessary.
Secondly, the smaller lettering of the words "Water Gallery" and "Wyland" made the ratio of lettering-to-frame look somewhat uneven and not as visually pleasing. And thirdly, with the changing of the color of the back decal, the text began to show through the art, which of course is unacceptable. So, what we learned is...if it isn't broken, don't fix it! And the bottom line is, there was nothing "broken" about our first edition bottles. Once we saw these latest bottles in the format of our first edition bottles, we knew all was right again-- the size of the frame, the scale of the lettering, the color of the back decal. All of those things are exactly as they should be. And so, here they are!

It is of the utmost importance to us to keep quality at the forefront and never release a product that is any less than perfect, in our opinion. Customer satisfaction is also paramount to us at Water Gallery, which is why it was agonizing for us to have to tell you all to wait while we perfected these bottles. We are eternally grateful to each and every one of you, especially to those of you who had pre-ordered and never for a moment considered cancelling your order despite the delay. We are so proud of our loyal and growing fan base and we are thrilled that you're along for the Water Gallery ride!

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Aug 08, 2015 • Posted by Sherry Carter

Love love love them!!!!

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