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Thank you, Dream Inspired Design!

We want to extend our appreciation to Shelby Sanchez and Ana Belen Salatino of the Long Beach, CA-based marketing company Dream Inspired Design. These two talented women are the co-creators of our website and the visionaries who helped bring our Water Gallery brand to life. They led us from just a concept and a bottle to an overall look, "feel," and philosophy.

With their commitment to the environment and what they call "Earth Consciousness," they really understood where we were trying to go with Water Gallery-- to create a brand that brings to the marketplace a reusable water bottle that is both aesthetically beautiful as well as eco-minded. With ocean awareness and artistic elegance at the forefront of our vision, Water Gallery focuses on using only American-made materials and keeping our production local so as to achieve our Carbon Neutral status.

Ana's and Shelby's vision for us mirrored ours and they were the perfect fit for us as our launching point. Our glass water bottles are our "babies" and Ana and Shelby kept that in mind throughout the whole process of co-creating our brand.

Ana and Shelby are so eco-conscious that they offer services such as printing on tree-free paper and creating solar and wind-powered websites, and they even plant a tree in honor of each and every one of their customers. We think that is such a wonderful gesture and such a fitting way to spread the eco-love. The trees are planted in Africa (Kenya, specifically) by a social enterprise called "Tierra Moringa," an organization whose goal is to work with small-scale farmers to develop organic health and beauty products.

They work hard to empower the local Kenyan farmers and do so in a way that promotes conservation of the land. To think that there is now a new tree planted in Kenya for Water Gallery is truly heart-warming for us and we are so appreciative of both Dream Inspired Design and Tierra Moringa for that.

We highly recommend the marketing, photography, and website-development of Dream Inspired Design to anyone who's looking to create a personalized, unique, and Earth-conscious brand. You can learn more about what they offer at We've had a great experience with Ana and Shelby and feel eternally grateful to them for helping us get our start in a beautiful and eco-conscious way.


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Aug 08, 2015 • Posted by Sherry Carter

Awesome work!

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