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How to carry a glass water bottle throughout the day worry-free

Wanting to make the transition to a glass water bottle from either single-use plastic or reusable plastic water bottle but frustrated with how hard it is to transport or carry a glass bottle around with you throughout the day? We think we have the perfect solution for this very issue. Introducing the glass bottle carrying strap!

These carrying straps are made from recycled climbing rope taken from different exotic climbing locals, including Mount Everest in Nepal! They are made from actual climbing ropes and recycled inner tube tire rubber for the circular base. Not only are these carriers super sturdy and useful, but they also expose the majority of the surface of the bottle even as it is enclosed in the carrier. So if you choose a Water Gallery bottle as your reusable glass bottle, the way this carrying strap exposes the bottle's surface allows you and those around you to continue enjoying the beauty of the art on your Water Gallery glass bottle as you take it with you throughout the day.

The above-pictured carrying strap is made for a liter-sized bottle only. There is also a half-liter strap option that we will eventually be offering on our website, as well. They are very simple to use; all you have to do is stretch the rope material so that the snaps line up over each other and then you will be able to easily snap and secure the carrier with the bottle enclosed. We think this is a fantastic way to be able to carry your glass water bottle around with you throughout the day. Gone are the worries of dropping your glass bottle! And of course the carrying strap is a show-off piece unto itself, we feel-- how cool is it to be utilizing real Mount Everest climbing rope on a daily basis, a re-purposed environmentally-friendly piece that's both unique and functional?

We will be featuring these awesome carrying straps soon, so keep checking our website to see when we start selling them. And you never know when we may decide to throw one in as a giveaway!


Aug 13, 2015 • Posted by Vicki H

Boy, my water gallery bottle would get so many compliments if I had this strap!!

Aug 08, 2015 • Posted by Sherry Carter

What an awesome idea!

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