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Our Top Ten Favorite Made-in-the-USA Products/Companies

Supporting local, US-based businesses has always been of great importance to us at Water Gallery. For our own company, we have worked hard to ensure that our production process is done locally in Southern California and that we use American-based manufacturers for our products whenever possible. In doing so, we can guarantee the quality of both the materials and the process itself. We know the challenges of being able to find both affordable and easily-accessible American products, but with a little bit of research, we have found some fantastic companies on which we rely for our various needs and wants. It's important to note that even the die-hard US-based companies are often still forced to do a little importing when necessary due to financial or availability challenges, but our hope is that this need for importing will become less and less prevalent as businesses work harder to demand that all manufacturing be done on US soil.

Here is our top ten list for the made-in-the-USA products and companies we love:

1) One of the most respected US-based companies is the Heath Ceramics Co. When we were on the search for made-in-the-USA bowls, plates, cups, and silverware for our home that were durable, dishwasher-friendly, and beautifully designed, Heath immediately came to our minds...and their products are truly all of those things. The thought of our kids eating off of plates and with silverware that are made in China with who-knows-what type of materials was an unpleasant one at best and with Heath, all of those concerns are gone. Founded in 1948 by husband and wife team Edith and Brian Heath, this California-based company has never deviated from their mission: to bring durable, hand-crafted dinnerware to the marketplace with energy-saving practices and unique ceramic design. *Pro-tip: visit their factory in Sausalito, CA for great deals on "seconds," minimally blemished pieces that are deeply discounted!


Heath Ceramics, bowls, plates, silverware, cups

2) You can't think of elegant, sleek bathroom and sink hardware without Kohler coming to mind. Clean, bold, and sharp describe Kohler fixtures perfectly and an extra bonus is the fact that Kohler is a US-based company. Austrian immigrant John Michael Kohler came to America with a mission to create a foundry for cast-iron and steel products and he bought this foundry in rural Wisconsin in 1873. Such was the beginning of the Kohler company, which grew and transformed into a design icon. Kohler still remains true to its American roots even in light of the fact that it has become a global giant.


3) You'd be hard-pressed to find a better grill than a Weber Grill. A US-based company started by George Stephen in Chicago in 1952, the actual Weber grill started as a refurbished metal buoy. George Stephen thought he could create optimal grilling conditions by cutting a buoy in half, adding vents, and giving it legs. Hence the dome-shaped grill was born and this new grill technology took off from there. Still thriving today, Weber Grills are synonymous with some of the best home grilling that money can buy!


4) Although not every KitchenAid product is made in America, the classically beautiful KitchenAid mixer sure is! They come in a variety of colors and are not only a fantastically useful appliance for baking of all sorts, they are also a gorgeous decorative addition to any kitchen. Knowing that they're made in America gives these appliances that extra special something that seals the deal for us.


KitchenAid Mixer

5) There's nothing more important than the health and safety of our children and there are few objects that kids come into contact with more often than their toys. That's why Green Toys is our top choice when it comes to our kids' play things. Green Toys products are made in America, BPA-free, and made from 100% recycled materials, such as milk jugs. Ranging from actual tableware that kids eat with, to trucks and kitchen toys, we love that this company is so dedicated to bringing eco-friendly, toxin-free toys to the marketplace.


Green Toys, truck, cup, pitcher

6) If you haven't heard of the Detroit-based company Shinola yet, you've been missing out. They are truly the definition of American-made. Inspired by what they call the belief in "the beauty of industry" and "the glory of manufacturing," this exciting three-year-old company set their roots down in Detroit, a city widely-known for both its industrial strength and failure. They believe in Detroit and wanted to show that craftmanship, hard work, and skill are not dead in this city. Shinola manufactures incredibly beautiful watches, bicycles, leather-bound journals, wallets, bags, apparel, and even pet supplies. Their products are of the highest quality and incomparable style. They are a true American original and we love what they're doing smack dab in the middle of our great country.


7) Founded in 1896 by Joseph Lodge in rural Tennesse, the Lodge Manufacturing Company with its cast-iron skillets and stainless steel cookware is still thriving today more than 100 years later. There are many things that set Lodge apart from its competitors-- they created the "seasoned cast-iron skillet;" they are renown for being eco-friendly, having switched from coal-fired furnaces to an electro-magnetic induction melting system to manufacture their cookware; and they are committed to several environmental causes, such as the construction of settling ponds to support plant and animal life and the planting of trees on the Lodge campus. Their cast-iron skillets are widely known as some of the sturdiest and most durable to cook with and Lodge Co. as a whole is an American institution.


Lodge skillet

8) The San Francisco-based Headline Shirts is a fabulously engaging company that makes t-shirts, tote bags, and other accessories. The t-shirts are known for their clever, irreverent, and at-times snarky statements and images. From references to pop culture to politics, their shirts are made for men, women, and kids and they make great gifts. Headline also puts out a hilarious newsletter, so you should definitely sign up to receive it regularly. We love this Bay Area company-- a little bit of levity in everyday life never hurts!


9) There's nothing more American than good ole' blue jeans, but unfortunately many of the jeans that you find in American stores are made in factories overseas. However, Lucky Brand Jeans is one of the exceptions. This company started in Los Angeles in 1990 and has been steadily growing ever since, with 209 stores across America (including Long Beach, CA's own Belmont Shore!). Lucky Jeans appeal to the artist, the rocker, the college student, the 40-something dad, the stylish mom...but most of all, the laid-back Californian. With shoes, shirts, skirts, shorts, and more, Lucky provides all of your fashion needs and desires with the assurance that your clothing is American-made.


Lucky Brand Jeans label

10) The most remarkable present-day American company is without question Tesla Motors. Elon Musk had the vision to introduce a vehicle whose innovation is unparalleled and whose carbon footprint is as low as it can possibly be for a motor vehicle. Along with that vision also came the conviction to bring jobs to America, specifically California, and Musk has done just that. The core values of Tesla Motors are everything that Water Gallery aspires to be: a high-end, luxurious, eco-conscious product. We admire Tesla Motors for its ingenuity and originality and its firmly-held beliefs in being environmentally-responsible and US-based.


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Aug 08, 2015 • Posted by Sherry Carter

I try to always buy American made!

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