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Water Gallery reusable water bottles are filled with Palomar Mountain Spring water

Water Gallery reusable glass bottles are filled with pristine, crisp Palomar Mountain Spring water. Palomar Mountain itself is located in Southern California, specifically San Diego County, and the mountain springs high atop Palomar Mountain are virtually free of the pollutants of our modern world. Because the springs are situated in a position such that the Pacific airstream flows through the most undeveloped areas of Southern California's Camp Pendleton before it reaches Palomar Mountain, only the most clean air reaches the springs.
And because this family-owned spring utilizes absolutely no additives for their water, we get this wonderful alkaline water in its more pure form. One other aspect of Palomar Mountain Spring that we at Water Gallery value is the fact that they do not use any third party "middle man" to distribute their water, which greatly cuts down on both their and our carbon footprint. We are proud to fill our bottles with this refreshing and pure water.
Of course, as every California resident knows, we are in the midst of a devastating drought, one that has lasted several years now. It is of great importance to us at Water Gallery that we are mindful of this. With our latest edition bottles which will be released in late June of 2015, we are going to start giving customers the option to have their bottles shipped empty. It will be the customers' choice whether or not they'd like to have their bottle filled.
Those customers who are ordering from other parts of the country can have them shipped empty and then choose to fill their bottles with their local water (or whichever liquid they choose). Water Gallery always has the natural environment in mind. We are vehemently anti-plastic, both because of the dangers of plastic itself as well as the fact that the more single-use plastic water bottles people use, the more water that is consumed.
With our reusable glass bottles, we encourage people to be part of the reusability and sustainability movements and to turn away from the single-use plastic problem in our country, which creates toxins in our atmosphere and our oceans.

In closing, we hope you enjoy the fresh, clean natural spring water in our Water Gallery bottles-- the water is meant to be consumed and the bottles are meant to be reused over and over again. But also know that in the near future we will be offering our customers the choice to purchase our bottles empty. And don't worry, the art is just as striking and vibrant when showcased on an empty bottle as it is when the bottle is filled.

Gorgeous Water Gallery bottles featuring Wyland art



Aug 13, 2015 • Posted by Vicki H

It was very delicious!

Aug 08, 2015 • Posted by Sherry Carter

Can’t wait to be able to get some!!

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