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Help us pick our next Wyland images!

Water Gallery is ready to turn these plain glass water bottles into functional art!

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We start with a simple swing-top reusable water bottle, made from premium Bormioli Rocco glass, and we transform it into a vibrant piece of art through a complex process of perfecting an art decal and keeping it true to an original work, frosting the bottle to give it an elegant finish, baking it in a kiln to secure the art decal, and creating a frame on the front with 22-karat liquid gold. After all that, voila! You have the gorgeous completed Water Gallery product. But before we go through that whole process, we have to choose the art...and that's no small feat. We want to select the art that is going to be the most compelling and magical for our customers. And so we want to hear from you: what Wyland images should we choose for our next bottles? Please leave us a comment here on our blog or visit us on our Facebook or Instagram pages to give us your suggestions. Include pictures! We can't wait to hear from you-- customer service and input are of the utmost importance to us at Water Gallery.


Aug 13, 2015 • Posted by Vicki H

I was hoping for some Orcas, and my wish came true!

Aug 08, 2015 • Posted by Sherry Carter

Would love to see some of his Dolphin paintings on your bottles!!

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