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The boxes aren't pretty, but the bottles sure are...

As people are starting to receive their deliveries of our latest Water Gallery glass water bottles, Wyland's Orca Trio and Forever Whales, we are so thrilled to hear via email and over our social media how pleased people are with the bottles!

Along with all of the positive comments, our customers are also sending us fantastic photographs of the ways in which they are displaying their bottles-- as part of their larger art collections, in their glass curio cabinets, on top of their light bases, on their dining tables, next to their Wyland paintings and sculptures, and so forth. We are so proud to see our bottles showcased in such creative and beautiful ways and we continue to be amazed by our enthusiastic customer base, who give us invaluable feedback!

But there's a proverbial white elephant in the gorgeous as the bottles are, we must admit the boxes in which they are shipped are hideous! We take ownership of that...and it's actually by design. It all started with a roll of clear tape. We tried it out, a neatly and cleanly wrapped box, sealed only with elegant clear tape and two unobtrusive "fragile" stickers.

We wanted our boxes to be as minimalist and pristine as the bottles themselves. But man, did we have another thing coming. FedEx set us straight with a quickness-- bottles were broken because the shippers overlooked the two fragile stickers. TWO fragile stickers?! There may as well have been zero.

Our packages were not being handled in the nature that a truly fragile package should and FedEx simply shrugged when we told them our bottles were breaking in transit. We were told we needed a fragile sticker on every side and that each one needed to be much bigger, essentially admitting to us that they pretty much ignored the two stickers that we had put on our boxes. So we re-thought our whole idea of shipping.

Gone were the days of the streamline, minimalist box. Not wanting to ever risk another unnecessarily broken bottle during shipment AND not wanting to risk increasing our carbon footprint by having to order and print thousands of fragile stickers, we found our solution-- the now infamous red "fragile" tape that you see all over your package when it arrives.

Tape and the "FRAGILE-- handle with care!" instruction all in one! Yup, that crazy-looking tape seems to cover pretty much every exposed inch of that box...and that's exactly how we want it. FedEX gets the message now. These bottles need to be treated with care and attention! They need to arrive to our customers intact and as beautiful as when they shipped out from us.

And so, when you get your Water Gallery shipment, you'll see the red "fragile" tape all over the package. Yes, it's the opposite of elegant and streamlined...but it's keeping your new treasures safe in the best way possible. And that's what truly matters.



Aug 08, 2015 • Posted by Vicki H

Looks like the boxes I ship out during the holidays!
I ordered my 1st bottle through the Wyland store and had 2 pretty Wyland stickers on the outside! ?

Aug 08, 2015 • Posted by Sherry Carter

As long as those beautiful bottles are inside and safe!!

Aug 05, 2015 • Posted by Orla

It’s what’s on the inside that counts :)

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