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Where does Water Gallery fit?

Sure, you could say what we are is pretty straight-forward: reusable swing top glass water bottles showcasing art. Nothing too difficult to understand. Eye-catching and unique, absolutely...but it's not like our glass water bottles are strange beings from outer space that can't be defined. Glass is glass, art is art, a water bottle is a water bottle, reusability is reusabi....WAIT. Not so fast. Let's pause for a moment right here because these are exactly the reasons why our journey so far has been anything but straightforward. The process of trying to define our beautiful reusable water bottles has been far more complex than we ever expected. The biggest question that has come up is not WHAT we are, but rather, WHERE DOES WATER GALLERY FIT?

Since our official launch in November of 2014 (after more than two years of developing our beautiful swing top glass water bottles featuring art by Wyland), we have been chasing our identity. Particularly on social media, companies are supposed to label and define their products in very precise ways. You must check off a box that informs potential customers and followers exactly what your product is. And you can only check off ONE box. For example, are you "Home Decor?" Are you "Art?" Are you "Food and Drink?" Are you "Design?" Are you "Gifts?" Are you "Eco-friendly Products?"

Here's our issue-- we are a little bit of ALL of these things. And we are something different to each and every person who discovers us. And we love that! But how do we define ourselves so that everyone who is looking for something under each category can find us? What if someone is looking for an interesting and artistic reusable water bottle under the "Food and Drink" category, but we are listed under "Art?"

Or what if someone else is looking for an affordable piece of original Wyland art but we are listed under "Food and Drink?" We truly fit under so many different categories and we want to be able to reach people who are looking for any and all of these things! So where we "fit" has been a complex conundrum that we have been struggling with for months. We aren't JUST a "drink," we aren't JUST "art," we aren't JUST "eco-friendly," we aren't JUST "home decor." We are a combination of all of these things and we are of different value to each of our customers.

Most importantly, we are what YOU want us to be for YOUR needs and wants-- and the photos, comments, emails, posts, phone calls, and messages from customers are a true testament to that.

We see people using and enjoying our bottles in such a variety of ways! Some of our customers want our bottles to remain as untouched art pieces showcased in lighted curio cabinets, on fireplace mantels, and on shelves alongside other pieces of art in their homes; some of our customers want to carry our bottles around all day with our carrying straps, using them as their daily reusable water bottles; some of our customers use them as beautiful, eye-catching beverage serving vessels at dinner parties; some of our customers like to take the bottles with them for special outings like beach picnics or special events at friend's homes; some of our customers like to use them as a kitchen essential, taking them in and out of the fridge as needed and having them on the kitchen counter as both artistic and useful vessels; some of our customers buy them as unique gifts for friends, family, or colleagues; some of our customers use them for ALL of these things. It's truly up to the buyer and that's what makes our bottles exceptional.

Some love to leave their overnight guests a beautiful Water Gallery glass water bottle filled with crisp spring or sparkling water on the nightstand

Some love to display their Water Gallery glass water bottles behind their home bars

Some love to use their Water Gallery glass water bottles at home dining tables

Of course many love to give Water Gallery glass water bottles as unique gifts, perhaps with a Wyland hat orwith organic Wyland wine and a gorgeous Wyland book!

And some folks even let their Water Gallery glass water bottles relax at the pool...

The bottom line is, we really aren't like anything else out there. There's no one making a product quite like ours. There are very few other products, if any, that fit in so many special niches as ours-- we are home decor, we are design, we are eco-friendly, we are art, we are glass products, we are reusable water bottles, we are gifts...we are the one and only Water Gallery.


Aug 30, 2015 • Posted by Sherry Carter

Absolutely!! Your bottles are a mixed of all of it! I received the bottle I won from you and the base I added! So beautiful!! Can’t wait to add more to my sons collection!! He loves it!! Everything to do with his namesake WyLand he likes but he really loves his new bottle!! Thanks again and keep up the great work!!

Aug 24, 2015 • Posted by Denise

I just gotmt 4 bottles – BEAUTIFUL!!! I am keeping one for display, 2 to open and reuse, and one to share as a gift! Of course I hope to accumulate a few more for continued use! Thank you!

Aug 23, 2015 • Posted by Teri Brender

Ordered & received the beautiful Water Gallery bottles . What can I say other than I adore them ? Thought ok, yeah all of the above listed does indeed make these bottles quite extraordinary. CALL or Email The OPRAH Magazine. Once a year Oprah chooses her favorite “things” & people buy anything she endorses, like forever. So anyway I hope this helps Water check off a few more boxes ! :-)

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