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There's just something about mermaids...

The world is going wild for mermaids! There is a whole sub-culture of real-life mermaids and mermaid enthusiasts that has been emerging over the past few years. Even pop stars like Lady Gaga and Katy Perry have included mermaid imagery and mermaid alter-egos in their videos and Animal Planet did a recent mocumentary called "Mermaid: The New Evidence" that drew record-breaking audiences.

What's the deal with mermaids, you may ask? For some real-life mermaids (and even "mer-men!"), it's a way of bringing a childhood fantasy of magic, mythology, and fairy-tales-come-true into adult life. For others, it's become a true career, handcrafting their own amazing mermaid tails that sell for hundreds of dollars and inspiring throngs of people with their messages of self-love, personal exploration, and belief in "everyday magic." And there's just something about the mystery of the sea that is so compelling to people of all ages, from 8 to 80. It seems that we know more about space than we do about the darkest depths of the ocean and the myths that exist about magical ocean creatures are intriguing to us as human beings.

Many of the most accomplished marine life artists have incorporated mermaids into their works of art. One of Wyland's most popular mermaid paintings is "Mermaid and Turtle," a favorite of ours at Water Gallery. In the painting, Wyland depicts a graceful mermaid reaching out to make contact with a sweet sea turtle under a sun-lit ocean surface. It's a touching piece, showing the poignant affection between a "real" sea creature, the turtle, and the fantasy-inspiring mermaid. Wyland says of the painting, "Mermaids have long been a fascination of mine. And I wanted to paint the delicate beauty of this sea maiden as she swims gracefully in her water world."

Mermaid and Turtle by Wyland

Mermaid Kariel is an example of one of the most widely-known and deeply-loved real-life mermaids. She is America's first freelance professional mermaid, creating beautiful shows at luxury resorts, hosting mermaid-inspired parties for children, hand-crafting her own intricate mermaid tails, and spreading her messages of following one's own dreams and belief in oneself. Her magical, colorful beauty draws people to her from all over the world. She works closely with Wyland and, like Wyland, has great passion for both art and ocean conservation. At Water Gallery, we love anything that works to promote self-love, marine life eco-awareness, and belief in the magical beauty under the sea...and so, we too love mermaids!

Mermaid Kariel ocean photograph



Feb 06, 2016 • Posted by Brittany

Mermaids are mystical creatures and represent beauty and life of the ocean.

Aug 17, 2015 • Posted by Connie

Loved your blog on mermaids! I have collected mermaids for years and just love them. The city of Norfolk, VA has mermaid sculptures all over the city… each one unique and beautiful!

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