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Water Gallery has some VERY exciting news!

We are so thrilled to announce that Water Gallery has officially partnered with two new artists and we are currently in the process of creating prototypes for incredible new glass water bottles which will feature their images! We have always dreamed of expanding our artistic glass collection to include more artists and we know you're just going to love what we are developing. Keeping with our marine life and oceanic theme, we are so proud to be partnering with two more ground-breaking artists: world renown marine wildlife artist Guy Harvey and surf lifestyle painter Drew Brophy. These two brilliant talents are going to bring such vibrant originality to Water Gallery and will be such an exciting complement to our current Wyland-inspired bottles. Below you'll see our four stunning new images, Guy Harvey's "Golden Prize," which features a powerful bull dolphin (also known as a mahi-mahi or a dorado); Guy Harvey's "Spanish Sailfish;" Drew Brophy's "Sunrise;" and Drew Brophy's "Metatron's Cube," which captures the incredible "sacred geometry of water" (more to come in future blog posts on this amazing concept!).

Water Gallery, glass water bottle, Golden Prize, Guy Harvey, dorado, bull dolpin, ocean, ocean art, sport fishing

Water Gallery, glass water bottle, Spanish Sailfish, Guy Harvey, sailfish, ocean, ocean art, sport fishing

Water Gallery, glass water bottle, Sunrise, Drew Brophy, surfing, surf lifestyle art, ocean, ocean art

Water Gallery, glass water bottle, Metatron's Cube, Drew Brophy, sacred geometry, sacred geometry art

People love the sea for so many different reasons and interact with the world's oceans in so many varying ways: from surfing, to boating, to whale watching, to diving, to photography, to sailing, to playing in the waves, to simply lounging on the sand. What do all of these people have in common? They respect, revere, and adore the ocean and its myriad gifts. And that's why we will continue to choose the most innovative, creative, and accomplished marine life artists, each of whom bring a different perspective to the magic of the sea. Each of our artists will bring their unique vision to our Water Gallery bottles, to showcase brilliant and eye-catching art like you've never seen before.

Stayed tuned: starting around November 1, we will be offering a pre-sale option for these new Water Gallery glass water bottles, just as we did with Wyland's bottle images. We have an estimated shipping date for each of these new bottles of December 1, just in time for the holidays! And just as is true of our Wyland-inspired bottles, every item we create will be limited edition, so once they're gone, they're gone. We know you are going to be truly wowed by the beauty of these new glass water bottles! Make sure to follow us on all of our social media-- we have very dynamic Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest pages-- for the most up-to-date information (and some additional upcoming surprises...)!

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Feb 09, 2016 • Posted by Brittany

Very exciting news!!

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