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One of the most valuable things to us at Water Gallery is that we take a portion of the profits from our sales and give back to environmental causes. The natural world around us is of vital importance-- how could we showcase the beautiful, ocean and nature-inspired artwork of Wyland, Guy Harvey, and Drew Brophy without paying homage to the world's creatures and natural wonders? It's with that in mind that we choose to give 3% of every sale to environmental foundations as well as an additional 1% to 1% for the Planet, an incredible group of businesses who give to environmentally-minded non-profits. We are very proud of the fact that with every bottle you purchase, you are giving to environmental causes and we know that is meaningful to each and every one of our customers.

So, who are these foundations to which we are giving? Since our very first artist is the incomparable marine life artist Wyland, it is fitting that we give 3% of all sales of our Wyland-inspired Water Gallery swing top glass water bottles to the Wyland Foundation. The Wyland Foundation is a wonderful non-profit "dedicated to promoting, protecting, and preserving the world's oceans. The foundation encourages environmental awareness through education programs, public arts projects, and community events." From community mural painting projects, to beach clean-ups, to family festivals where kids and adults can participate in fun activities and learn about child-focused charitable groups, the Wyland Foundation has the amazing ability to bring communities together with folks of all ages participating in both entertaining and educational capacities that aim to help the natural environment. We are so proud to give back to this incredible non-profit.

The Wyland Foundation does amazing work for our world's oceans

Continuing with our goal to give back, as we start selling our new bottles featuring Guy Harvey and Drew Brophy art, respectively, we will be donating to two additional foundations. The marine wildlife artist Guy Harvey, who is truly world renown and beloved, has a tremendous foundation of his own, the Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation. The Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation focuses on scientific research aimed at marine wildlife conservation, education of our youth about our oceans and marine wildlife, and working together as human beings to protect our oceans. "The Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation funds inspired scientific research and innovative education programs to encourage conservation and best management practices for sustainable marine environments. The foundation help ensure that future generations can enjoy and benefit from a naturally balanced marine ecosystem where fish and other wildlife flourish."

The Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation is deeply focused on marine life education

For the 3% of all sales of Drew Brophy bottles, the awesome surf lifestyle artist Drew Brophy has chosen a vitally important charity as the recipient. He has chosen, which works in all areas of the world towards providing clean water for communities in need. As we at Water Gallery have learned, there is a desperate need for clean water even here in various areas of the United States, so we see the incredible importance in giving to a charity such as Waves for Water.  A primary focus of Waves for Water is to respond to the need for clean water worldwide after natural disasters occur, such as earthquakes or hurricanes. "People living in impoverished areas die every day from drinking dirty water. While having access to clean water is a luxury that many of us take for granted, there are millions living in nations with no filtration systems in place. Kids drink from the same streams where animals bathe. In addition, there's no clean water available for surgery if someone is injured, putting the wounded at risk for deathly infections." Waves for Water is making major strides in solving this problem (and we can only hope that they will also begin to help addressing the same issues in some impoverished areas of the US!).

Waves for Water does phenomenal work to bring clean drinking water to people worldwide

We are so proud to offer our Water Gallery customers the opportunity to give back to these incredible foundations with every artistic glass water bottle purchase they make. It feels so good to give back while also being able to own a beautiful piece of functional art. To learn more about any of the aforementioned charities, feel free to explore their websites:


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Feb 06, 2016 • Posted by Brittany

This is one of the main reasons why I am such a fan of Guy Harvey, Drew Brophy, and mywatergallery for their support and donation to charities. It feels good knowing that a portion of my purchase will go to a good cause that I believe in.

Oct 14, 2015 • Posted by Connie

I love that you donate a percentage of sales to charities that benefit our oceans and water conservation. That’s an extra special touch, which makes me extra happy to support your company!

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