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Eco-fact Friday

Did you ever think about how natural sunlight inside your home or workplace can reduce energy usage by anywhere from 50-80%? A well-designed "daylit" home or office can make a huge difference in how much energy that is expended on a daily basis. It's always an eco-friendly choice to use natural light over electric light. So pull up those blinds, open those curtains, and flip up those shutters! Let the sunlight in and help save natural resources. And to that same end, make sure you never leave lights on when you're not using them, don't leave television sets on when no one is watching, and don't run air conditioners/heaters when it's not completely necessary. Shut down your computer at night when you go to bed, unplug your phone from the wall charger when it doesn't need charging, and set your in-home thermostat at a default temperature of 78 degrees. There are so many ways to actively and passively conserve energy!

Conserve energy in whatever way possible!

Remember, always reduce, reuse, recycle. Small, everyday changes make a big difference!

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Feb 09, 2016 • Posted by Brittany

Natural sunlight makes a difference in my mood as well. I like to be able to look outside while at work. If I don’t have a window and staring at walls all day, it puts my mood down. All I think about is wanting to be outside!

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