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Drew Brophy's 50 paintings in 50 days!

Surf lifestyle artist Drew Brophy has embarked upon an incredible endeavor: he's creating 50 paintings in 50 days, all inspired by ideas and concepts that fascinate him. He's going strictly on instinct, basing his paintings on what trickles into his mind each morning when he wakes up. He says "it's an exercise of letting ideas flow free in quick paint studies." One of his goals with this project is to offer affordable art to those who seek it, which is one of Water Gallery's goals, as well! 

We at Water Gallery have been so excited to see what he comes up with each day and each painting has been dynamic, colorful, and inspiring in many ways. For example, the first painting he created of his 50 was one featuring an alien making friends with ocean creatures; another painting showcased the beauty of butterflies and the transition of a caterpillar into a butterfly; another featured an ocean scene with a large wave under a full moon; and yet another was of a striking and colorful skull in honor of Halloween.

Here are some examples of Drew Brophy's awesome art. These aren't part of the 50 he's currently creating, but rather some of his most amazing past work. He's such a gifted artist, creating works of art that are all so unique and dynamic!

Drew Brophy's surf lifestyle art: dolphin fish

Drew Brophy surf lifestyle art: waves, sunrise, beach, bonfire, surfing

Drew Brophy surf lifestyle art: waves, ocean, sea turtle, sun

Drew Brophy's sacred geometry art:

Follow Drew Brophy on Facebook at to see each of his paintings as they are created. He shows each of the paintings in various stages of development and followers have the opportunity the purchase them as they emerge-- they are going fast, so don't hesitate if a particular painting moves you!


Feb 06, 2016 • Posted by Brittany

His paintings are unique. A very distinguished style. I like his work and admire his creativity.

Jan 08, 2016 • Posted by John Carter

Not to my taste but its very interesting

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