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Five simple yet compelling reasons to choose glass water bottles over plastic

At Water Gallery, it's no mystery that we think glass is the single most elegant, useful, and beautiful material from which to drink water and store food and beverages. But with plastic being so ubiquitous and hard to avoid, we feel it's necessary to sing the praises of glass until we can't sing (or write!) anymore. Check out this short and simple, yet powerful list of why to choose glass water bottles over plastic every single day. Glass is the superior choice without question.

Glass versus plastic: choose glass!

1) Unlike many plastic bottles, glass water bottles contain no chemicals-- no BPA, no phthalate, polycarbonate, and no PVC-- so nothing can leach into your water. Same goes for using glass as a food container as opposed to a plastic food container. That peace of mind alone is compelling enough to switch to glass, in our opinion.

2) Anything poured or consumed out of a glass water bottle or food container simply tastes better. Try it out! It's not your imagination-- plastic leaves an icky taste in the liquid and food it touches. Glass water bottles and containers leave no aftertaste and the drinks and food that come from glass taste more pure.

3) You're much more likely to reuse a glass water bottle or food container versus their plastic counterparts. Yes, we hear about people washing and reusing single-use plastic water bottles and plastic food containers (even going as far to wash out yogurt or sour cream containers and reusing them)...and that's CERTAINLY better than throwing them in the trash and having them end up in a landfill or a body of water. However, wouldn't it just be a better, more lasting, healthier choice to invest in glass in the first place? Glass is highly reusable and lasts for years!

4) Recycling glass is much more effective than recycling plastic. When glass is recycled, it's simply used to make more glass items which last just as long as it did in its original form. When plastic is recycled, conversely, each time it is slightly down-graded. For example, recycled plastic is often used for things like carpet padding. Recycled plastic loses its integrity and so is therefore never truly recycled. Not to mention the fact that plastic never fully biodegrades, but rather breaks down into minuscule plastic particles that often end up in our oceans and harm or kill marine life. 

5) Glass is exquisitely beautiful! No one can argue with that. It can be translucent and clear or colorful and bright. It can be blown into ornate shapes, such as with Dale Chihuly's magical glass work, or adorned with art like our eye-catching Water Gallery bottles. It lasts forever and has multitudes of uses. It's washable, it can be displayed as an art piece, it can be used to serve food and beverages, it can hold treasures that you want to protect and cherish. 

For the health of our bodies and our planet; for the beauty of the world around us; for usefulness and environmental awareness; for the smart economical choice of investing in a material that can be reused over and over again-- choose glass! 


Feb 09, 2016 • Posted by Brittany

No way to argue with those reasons to choose glass over plastic.

Jan 08, 2016 • Posted by John Carter

What an awesome way to be Eco friendly and share such beautiful art

Nov 24, 2015 • Posted by Denise H

They Wyland glass water bottles are a great way to use glass! Beautiful art and useful glass bottle all in one!

Nov 23, 2015 • Posted by Katie B.

I used to use a lot of plastic containers for leftovers but in the past year I’ve been using Pyrex instead. There’s definitely a difference when you switch from plastic to glass.

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