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Trash For Teaching: the ultimate example of reusability!

Trash for Teaching offers unused materials for teaching, art projects, and more

Kids' birthday parties are notoriously wasteful. Balloons galore; single-use plastic water bottles everywhere; paper plates and napkins; single-use plastic forks and spoons; cheap, made-in-China plastic goodie bag toys; pinata candy wrappers...what an environmental mess. However, the child's birthday party we went to this past weekend was anything but wasteful.

Held at a warehouse that is the home of the education-based non-profit organization, Trash for Teaching, in Gardena, CA, this party was all about arts and crafts of the best kind: the kind that utilizes 100% post-industrial waste materials! At this party, the creativity was through the roof and the materials available ranged from colorful masks to heart-shaped cardboard pieces; plastic thread cones to ribbons and fabric of all shades; vibrant beads and bangles to tiles and tubes...the list goes on.

Trash for Teaching in Gardena, CA

Every single item at T4T comes from various business' overrun, discards, and castoffs and all would likely end up in the landfill if it weren't reused in this incredibly awesome way. This "trash" (all of which is clean and perfectly usable) sets the stage for the ultimate learning and imagination for children and is available to teachers and various community organizations, along with obviously the children who attend birthday parties at T4T.

At Water Gallery, we believe in the creative reuse of all kinds. We were so impressed that at T4T, the focus is on children's artistic abilities and thinking outside the box while utilizing items that would have otherwise ended up in the landfill. And we were all the more impressed that the hosts of this particular birthday party requested that each of their guests brought their own reusable water bottles (of course we happily brought our beautiful Water Gallery glass water bottles!) so as not to use single-use plastic bottles for the party. What a truly exemplary party at a remarkable venue-- T4T is reusability at its best.




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Now this is really smart!! Gonna tell family and friends!!

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