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Paris climate agreement reaches consensus, but now the real work begins

Paris Climate Agreement conference

It's exciting to hear that finally, after more than two decades since the Earth Summit meeting in Rio de Janeiro in 1992, there is universal agreement among the world's nations that we must commit to reducing greenhouse gases. However, the consensus among nations is only a small part of the battle. It's now that the real action must begin. The Paris Climate Deal was reached this past Sunday, but now the work is in the individual countries' hands to make the changes needed to reduce usage of fossil fuels and help to lower carbon emissions worldwide.

India is in the most challenging position, with more than 300 million of their 1.25 billion population still without reliable electricity. But as India rapidly industrializes, it is the developed countries' goal to help them avoid the path of coal-based industrialization in which so many of the world's industrialized countries became stuck. "It is essential that the developing countries are able to transform their energy system before they develop a level of dependence on coal that we have in the industrialized countries," said Jan Burck of the activist group Germanwatch. But of course India will need a massive amount of financial help to embark upon this endeavor.

Despite such an extreme air pollution peak this past week that more than 5 million cars were ordered off the roads and city-wide schools and factories were closed in Beijing, China is in the midst of a huge investment in clean energy. Replacing fossil fuels with renewable energy is a huge undertaking to say the least, requiring accelerated investment and research as well as technological breakthroughs. The Obama administration, which has cracked down on fuel-efficiency standards for vehicles and emissions from coal-fired power plants, reached a deal with China at the Paris conference.

The Paris Agreement's consensus will not be in effect until the year 2020, which gives countries four years to do their important work setting the stage for change. Of course during that time, we as the world's inhabitants are also required to "do the work" reducing our own emissions whenever possible-- investing in hybrid or fully electric vehicles, being mindful of our own electricity use, limiting or completely curbing our use of single-use plastic items, conserving water, and reusing items before recycling them. We are all in this together and must work to protect our "common home."


Feb 09, 2016 • Posted by Brittany

I agree, it is time for a change!

Feb 04, 2016 • Posted by audrey chavez

We should all work as a family we are all in this together the earth should mean everything to everybody

Jan 08, 2016 • Posted by John Carter

I agree! We’re all in this together!!! We need to do our part every day!

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