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The real skinny about Water Gallery's hands-on production process

Gallery Drinkware bottles featuring Wyland's art are made with a highly hands-on process

You've heard us talking about Water Gallery's hands-on production process before (for example, here). It's a huge part of Water Gallery's core values-- keep production local, keep it done primarily by human hands and not machines, avoid mass-production at all costs. And while all of that sounds great and we love telling our "story," there is another side of this aspect of Water Gallery, the piece that requires us to explain that not every bottle will come out "perfect."

Because our bottles are not cranked out of machines, it's hugely important for all of our customers and collectors to understand that each bottle is slightly varied, slightly different, and each bottle can have small imperfections which we refer to us "slight flaws." It just comes with the hands-on territory.

Let's talk about flaws. We're not talking about obvious scratches that clearly happened by accident, like this:

Accidental scratch on the side of Water Gallery glass water bottle

We're not referring to holes in the artwork or back decal.

We're not referring to a broken swing-top or a cracked bottle.

None of those things are acceptable and we would not expect to sell those to a Water Gallery collector. Rest assured that, if you receive a bottle that is damaged, you are completely protected by our 30-day Fair and Simple Return Policy, which you can read about here. However, there are other occurrences that we refer to as "slight flaws" that can't always be avoided and we do not consider these slight flaws as ruinous to our bottles or justifiable for a return.

Here are some examples of the "slight flaws" we are talking about here. Sometimes there are waves or lines in the glass. These waves can occur on the clear portion of glass that is within the gold frame.

Sometimes there can be some subtle bubbling that can appear in the glass, as one can occasionally see very slightly in the clear glass "frame" on the front of a bottle.

Waves in the glass can occur on the side of the bottle and can almost appear to be a crease in the glass.

Sometimes the frost can appear slightly blotchy in certain areas (and interestingly, a light base can illuminate some of these slight flaws that perhaps wouldn't have been seen otherwise).

Sometimes the back decal can be slightly off-kilter, like this (remember, these are hand-applied!):

Water Gallery glass water bottle back decal

The items above show the slight imperfections that can occur in a hands-on production process. Glass blowing is a varied and complex procedure that does not result in a "perfect" product, but that's part of what we believe to be so special about glass. Like a snowflake, each blown glass product is slightly different. That said, be assured that we're investing in the highest quality glass for our bottles that won't break or shatter easily when you drop them.

We take great pride in the beauty, high quality, and durability of our products. We work as hard as we can to ensure the quality of each of our bottles, but we can't guarantee perfection on every bottle-- it's simply not possible. We can't run a profitable business with 30% of our production un-sellable because of a slight flaw. It's very important to remember that slight flaws do not mean that your bottle is damaged.

Some say a slight flaw has character, some say a slight flaw tells a story. We believe those things to be true, especially when it comes to our beautiful and unique glass water bottles. Each one is slightly different and each one is magical in its own right. It's the slight flaws that make life beautiful and our bottles are an extension of that fact.


Jan 04, 2016 • Posted by Denise H

I agree whole heartedly with your last paragraph – they aren’t bottles with flaws, they are bottles wirh uniqueness!

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