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Water Gallery is committed to minimalist, eco-friendly shipping

Eco-Enclose offers many options for eco-friendly shipping supplies

Not only did we at Water Gallery remove the last piece of plastic from our manufacturing and shipping chain (which you can read about here), but we went one step further: we've replaced every possible piece of wasteful plastic or other non-biodegradable packaging material with completely Earth-friendly shipping supplies!

Eco-Enclose earth-friendly shipping supplies

EcoEnclose is a small, eco-minded company which offers only "green" shipping and packaging solutions. Every piece of material EcoEnclose offers is post-consumer/post-industrial waste along with being fully biodegradable. Furthermore, every material EcoEnclose utilizes is made in the USA, which is very important to us at Water Gallery. They're wonderful people to work with and we feel fully confident that they are putting all their efforts into finding the most green alternatives available for shipping and packaging. They are a like-minded company, placing a premium on keeping their carbon footprint as small as possible, a goal that we at Water Gallery share. Goodbye to traditional bubble wrap and antiquated styrofoam peanuts! Hello to upcycled, recycled, biodegradable "corrugated bubble!" It just feels so great to keep mother nature in mind with every business-related decision we make.


Feb 05, 2016 • Posted by Greg

Very cool

Feb 04, 2016 • Posted by Donna

I just want to say thank you for all you do to save our planet earth. Water Gallery keeps looking and pushing forward too seeking every way possible to improve our lives and the future lives of the world. Thank you.

Feb 04, 2016 • Posted by Carol Forte

Always a champion for the Earth! Awesome!

Feb 04, 2016 • Posted by Amanda Burke

This is amazing! Even better for the planet!

Feb 04, 2016 • Posted by audrey chavez

Love everything about him
very intelligent person that I love to follow his photos bring so much joy around me

Feb 04, 2016 • Posted by Veronica Shaw

Awesome! I love saving interesting packing materials for my school. Our kids often make art projects with them!

Feb 04, 2016 • Posted by Martha Kretzer

So wonderful to see and know someone cares so much… :D

Feb 04, 2016 • Posted by Shelley Tillett

I love everything that Wyland does! I watched him when he painted the JC Penney building in Anchorage, Alaska…..what a treat that was for me!

Feb 04, 2016 • Posted by Wes Lee

Wow! You have inspired us to be more conscious of our environment! @watergallery way to lead by example! #awesome #ecofriendly #beautiful

Feb 04, 2016 • Posted by Ashley Harris

Awesome job leading by example!

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