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Eco-fact Friday: Going Green Can Add Value to Your Home

Did you know that "going green" can add significant value to your home? A recent study done by the D.C. Department of Energy and Environment reveals that converting your heating and cooling systems to the most energy-efficent options, sealing up the energy-leaking areas of your home, and much more in a list of green features, can literally add tens of thousands to your home value.

According to the study, the "green" trend in renovations and new construction in the Washington, D.C. area has enabled contractors and home owners to raise their asking prices for homes and buyers will pay a premium for green upgrades. When buyers see solar panels and the possibility of saving significant amounts of money monthly and yearly as a result of more efficient energy systems in a home, they are motivated to buy.

From Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) that can be garnered through having solar panels to high-tech heat recapturing systems that can assist in slashing electricity bills, there is certainly money to be saved by going green.

Here's the bottom line for buyers: pay a relatively modest premium for a "green" home, save a substantial amount of money over the years and live in a healthier environment. Sounds like a no-brainer for both buyers and sellers.

"Green" home

As always, reduce, reuse, recycle, and conserve. Small, everyday changes can make a huge difference-- for both the planet and your wallet!


Mar 14, 2021 • Posted by bwbtpwbanz

Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

Feb 09, 2016 • Posted by Amanda Burke

I have been seeing these a lot when I go to visit my family. Sounds and looks like a great way to be more green!

Feb 04, 2016 • Posted by Celeste McWilliams

Can only hope that all homes will turn to these green options!

Feb 04, 2016 • Posted by Carol Forte

We try to go green whenever we can.

Feb 04, 2016 • Posted by audrey chavez

Green is the way to go

Feb 04, 2016 • Posted by Kasee Johnson

We switched to solar – our roof is covered in panels! We are lucky enough to live in the SoCal desert and have a South-facing home with a roof that can handle the weight. But even with the multiple steps we have taken to improve the efficiency of our manufactured home, we are struggling to keep our consumption within our production range. Some homes just have flaws. Sadly, ours is one of them. And we cannot determine exactly what our problem is, where our energy is going. So we’ve made other changes, too! Thermal curtains, energy-efficient appliances, tile flooring throughout the entire house. We don’t plan to sell – ever – but we can still do our part.

Feb 04, 2016 • Posted by Linda

Love the solar concept. This is something I have been interested in for a while, unfortunately where we live is way to wooded and shady for us to pursue this idea for ourselves.

Feb 03, 2016 • Posted by Jessica

A green home is a good idea, I love the idea of solar power. It is interesting for me.

Feb 03, 2016 • Posted by Brittany

I think it is innovative and a step toward embracing energy efficient options. It may be pricey up front, but the buyer will be saving money in the future that makes that initial price worth it.

Feb 03, 2016 • Posted by Debbie

Congrats and thank you

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