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Eco-fact Friday: Reduce Coal Emissions

Coal fired power plant with smoke stacks and smoking skies

As we've written about before here, there was a major climate summit in 2015 wherein several of the world's primary nations signed an agreement to commit to enacting environmental measures that will help reduce climate change in the coming decades.

However, just this week President Obama's measure to reduce coal emissions in the United States suffered a major setback when the Supreme Court temporarily blocked the passing of the measure. The proposed power plant regulation, which would be an aggressive step towards reducing carbon emissions in coal-fired power plants, shows Obama's commitment to the ambitious action needed to make real environmental impact. Opponents of Obama's proposed climate policy feel that this measure would eliminate jobs and be far too costly.

Coal fired power plant

The regulation would focus heavily on solar and wind power, reducing current power plant's emissions by a third by 2030. Many of the states opposing the regulation have economies that rely strongly on coal-fired power plants or coal mining, calling this "the most far-reaching and  burdensome rule the E.P.A. has ever forced onto the states." But supporters of the regulation aptly state, "Climate change is the most significant environmental challenge of our day, and it is already affecting national public health, welfare, and the environment."

This is definitely not the last word on this issue. But it is a sign that it will likely face a lot of opposition from the Supreme Court. This is no question a very complex issue, one that will not be tied up neatly in a bow anytime soon. But with the effects of climate change rapidly affecting the health and welfare of our nation's citizens and the natural world around us, we at Water Gallery certainly hope Obama's regulation passes. We admire his aggressive action for change.

As always, reduce, reuse, recycle, and conserve. Small, everyday changes can make a big difference.

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