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Valentine's Day was not so sweet this year for Kong the Octopus...

Seattle Aquarium's Kong the Octopus

The Seattle Aquarium has quite a remarkable yearly Valentine's Day tradition: spectators are given the opportunity to watch two octopi mate every February 14th! Well, at least they were up until this year. The designated 70-pound male octopus, aptly named Kong, was denied his chance at love in 2016. Instead of offering him a chance to procreate with a female octopus, he had to spend the day alone because aquarium staffers worried that Kong would eat his love interest. Kong is twice the size of the largest female octopus at the Seattle Aquarium, so the concern is valid-- he's a big, hungry boy. Until they can find Kong a more suitable mate, he's just going to have to wait. Interestingly, the fact that staffers couldn't find him a lover this Valentine's Day may have prolonged Kong's life considerably: octopi often die within days of mating. Long live Kong...

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