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Tourists cause baby dolphin's death in Argentina

The Franciscana dolphin

It's stories like this that make us at Water Gallery question the goodness of humanity. This story has been haunting us since we read it, and it's truly the height of selfishness-- full-on animal cruelty at worst, ignorance at best. A rare Franciscana dolphin baby was literally killed while being passed around by tourists on an Argentina beach so that they could take selfies with the animal.

The tragic footage shows tourists passing the dolphin from hand to hand and eventually surrounding it on the beach after it was dumped, dead from dehydration and sun exposure. Video on the scene shows a man taking the poor, defenseless dolphin out of the ocean and a group converging around it in order to get pictures with it.

The disgusting charade took an even more macabre turn when the dolphin, who seems to have overheated and died, continued to be passed around for photos before it was sickly discarded on the beach.

Franciscana Dolphin

What went through these people's minds as they were contributing to the death of a helpless creature simply for their own selfish (and completely frivolous, I might add) gains? It is just mind-boggling that human beings can be so entitled and self-serving. Utterly heart-breaking story that will not leave our consciousness anytime soon.

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