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Another tragic loss to the animal world at the hands of human beings

Selfish humans have done it again. This time it's not a rare dolphin baby who died because of human stupidity, selfishness, and ignorance, but two Chinese peacocks. After visitors to China's Yunnan Wild Animal Park picked up and manhandled two precious birds, plucking out their feathers and traumatizing the poor creatures, the peacocks died. Two remarkable beings dead in the name of a selfie.

two peacocks killed by humans at China's Yunnan Wild Animal Park

Peacocks are widely known in the animal world as being extremely anxious and timid creatures-- visitors to the wild animal park are clearly asked not to touch the peacocks under any circumstances. But the humans who killed the peacocks supposedly lured them with food and then grabbed their tails. Bystanders took pictures of the offending visitors and posted them on social media and zoo staff rushed to the scene to try to intervene, but they were too late. An hour later the birds literally died of shock, suffering heart attacks as a result of the rough and callous actions of the humans who wanted to take photos with them. Yet another heartbreaking, completely preventable animal death-- makes us angrier than we can say.

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Feb 24, 2016 • Posted by Kasee Johnson

The baby dolphin, a shark, peacocks. What is this world coming to? And all for PICTURES?!

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