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The Tesla has landed!

Red Tesla Model S driving along the road

After waiting patiently for almost three months, we were finally able to pick up our brand new Tesla Model S this week! This is the vehicle we made the carefully thought-out decision to purchase after months of research.

Normally we at Water Gallery wouldn't blog about such a personal choice as the car we chose to buy, but we don't see buying a Tesla as showy extravagance (even though it is, without question, a luxurious, aesthetically-gorgeous vehicle). We see this as investing in a cause, a movement towards "the world's transition to sustainable transportation," which is a direct quote from Tesla.

Tesla Model S

Elon Musk, the company's creator, is a true visionary who is in the process of turning the auto industry on its head for all the right reasons. Although unfortunately electric vehicles still only make up a meager 1% of cars on the road as of early 2016, with the steadily lowering cost of batteries (the main reason EVs are so expensive), experts predict that we are going to see that percentage rise exponentially in the coming decade.

Although electric power isn't a perfect system either (coal-fired power plants are another source of carbon emissions on our planet), lowering our dependence on fossil fuels and carbon-driven vehicles is essential.

We are so proud to support such a remarkable company. It brings us enormous satisfaction to drive an American-made car which has been created to help change the way we all see and experience the world. Climate change is one of the most devastating present-day challenges and we at Water Gallery are committed to being part of the change we want to see in the natural world around us, both through our business practices and our personal choices. Yes, we paid a premium to own this incredible car, but it felt like money invested not just in our everyday vehicle, but for the greater good for Mother Earth.


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