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Florida braces for Hurricane Matthew

Here at Water Gallery, we are based in Southern California. Hurricanes are a foreign concept for us So Cal residents, especially since we have been dealing with a years-long severe drought-- essentially the opposite of a hurricane, with its extreme rainfall, gusting winds, and massive ocean waves. The closest thing we have to the potential mass-destruction of hurricanes is the ever-looming threat of an earthquake, in particular "the big one" which alarmist news media says is due to hit at any moment (talk about terrifying). But unlike an earthquake, which comes without warning, Florida residents have been getting clear messages this week that Hurricane Matthew is coming and it's likely to be a monster. Florida holds a special place in our hearts here at Water Gallery as it is the home base of one of our artists, Guy Harvey, as well as a beloved locale for our very first artist, Wyland. Land of beautiful beaches, incomparable marine life, and fascinating ocean culture, Florida is a remarkable state and this storm threatens to destroy much of what makes it so special, the most important of which is its human inhabitants. It goes without saying that here at Water Gallery, we are following the news closely and hoping that Hurricane Matthew doesn't live up to its predictions.

NASA footage of Hurricane Matthew

Forecasters have vacillated between classifying Matthew as a Category 3 or 4, but by late Thursday morning, the storm was back up to a definitive 4. Florida's governor is urging evacuations, which were underway all along the southern Atlantic coast of Florida, Georgia, and South Carolina at the time of writing this blog post. It is said that even if Florida doesn't receive a direct hit from the storm, outcomes will likely be "catastrophic" and that choosing not to evacuate could result in major loss of life. From wide-reaching power outages to destruction of homes, it's going to undoubtedly take overwhelming resources to build back to where these areas of the Atlantic coast need to be. But buildings and structures can be rebuilt. Lives cannot when they're lost. The message is clear: evacuate, evacuate, evacuate. 

We will continue to follow the information about Hurricane Matthew as it comes. We hope and pray that there is no loss of life-- it's terrifying to read that this very storm has already killed over two hundred people in the Caribbean. The Southeastern United States is going to go through a lot over the coming weeks and we can only sit and wait here on the other side of the country as the news unfolds. But there's no question the US will need to band together with resources, donations, and positive thoughts in the aftermath of this storm. 

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Dec 27, 2016 • Posted by Victoria Binkiewicz

So glad this turned out okay!

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