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From "Loving Vincent" to Willem Dafoe's new biopic, Van Gogh is everywhere these days

Willem Dafoe plays Vincent Van Gogh's in "At Eternity's Gate"

CBS Films has just acquired the U.S. rights to director Julian Schnabel's new Vincent Van Gogh biopic "At Eternity's Gate," starring Willem Dafoe among other acclaimed actors, like Oscar Isaac. After the experimental animated biographical drama film "Loving Vincent" received worldwide accolades, the Van Gogh fascination and appreciation just seems to be growing.

Willem Dafoe will play Vincent Van Gogh in the upcoming film "At Eternity's Gate"

What is it about this artist, who suffered dearly from mental health issues and died in the late 1800s, that captivates people so profoundly over a century after the creation of his most well-known works of art? Here at Gallery Drinkware, we certainly feel that pull to Van Gogh's art. Perhaps it's his incredible brushwork; or the boldly unique colors he chose; or the compelling, sensitive emotion that he's able to convey from even the most simple landscapes, still lifes, or portraits.

We think it's all of those things. And despite his very sad final years of life (he created the majority of his most renowned art in the last two tortured years before his suicide at age 37), his works have endured all these years later in the hearts of art lovers worldwide. 

"At Eternity's Gate" and "Loving Vincent" focus on slightly different aspects of Van Gogh's life. This new film will follow the artist's 1886 move to Paris, where he mingled with members of the avant-garde, including his once-friend and fellow artist Paul Gauguin, and digs deeply into the challenges he endured while creating his post-Impressionist masterpieces.

"Loving Vincent" focused more on the time after Van Gogh's suicide, exploring the possible causes of his death, from the overly dependent relationship he had with his brother Theo to conflicts he had with a close female friend's father. 

There are so many aspects of Van Gogh's life that continue to fascinate us all still today. And so many mysteries and folklore that surround both his mental illness and his death. But regardless of how troubling the adult years of his life may have been, his art remains a touchstone and a treasure for all of us.

From these acclaimed films to expensive handbags (such as Jeff Koons' extraordinary Masters Collection which includes Van Gogh images on handbags) to an upcoming Vans shoe line showcasing Van Gogh paintings on sneakers, Van Gogh is everywhere. And we at Gallery Drinkware could not be more proud of our own contribution to this growing appreciation of the timeless brilliance of Vincent Van Gogh.


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